Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Manila: Save the Avenue Theatre and Hotel

Manila was the second most devastated city after the Second World War. Most of the architectural heritage that earned for us the moniker "Pearl of the Orient" was lost in the hostilities. With so little left, we must thus endeavor to preserve what is left of our heritage. It is thus sad to hear that so many heritage structures are lost at such an alarming rate.

I got this from the Heritage Conservation Society: "For those who would like to save this heritage structure, you can call or fax a complaint to Mayor Lito Atienza at 5276063 or 5274991 or send an e-mail at mayor_atienza@cityofmanila.com.ph.

"This building was designed by National Artist for Architecture, Juan F. Nakpil in the 1930s with 1950s renovation of the same. It is among those buildings with a hotel, office space, and theatre. For those who are not familiar of it's location, it is along Avenida Rizal corner Soler, beside National Bookstore."

At the right is a photo of Avenue Theatre, a proof that it did surive the Second World War! It had survived this long. What a pity if we allow it to go down just like that.

Visit "Heritage Watch," a forum website, for more information...

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