Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ivan Henares wins Thailand Med Blog Contest! Thank you for your support!

Yesterday, I received great news that I won the Thailand Medical Tourism Blog Contest sponsored by the Tourism Authority of Thailand. This contest was a really grand experience. I was able to visit Chiang Mai, Thailand which I've always wanted to do, and in style at that! I also got to meet travel bloggers from different corners of the world. So I'm very grateful to the Tourism Authority of Thailand for selecting me as a finalist to experience all that. Being a finalist was in fact already a prize in itself.

I also realized that I have a lot of friends and supporters. Every time I'd meet people I knew, especially after the contest ended on January 31, from family, fraternity and friends, colleagues, alumni groups, fellow bloggers and blog readers, they'd always ask me if I won the contest and would let me know that they visited my blog entry regularly. I'm deeply honored and touched by the support. Thank you very much to everyone!

Do visit my entry if you still haven't seen it. And here's the winner announcement as well. Again, my heartfelt thanks to everyone! Thank you also to South East Asian Airlines (SEAIR)!
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