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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Davao: Durian in Davao City

I'm finally back in Davao City. This was thanks to another of those one-peso fare tickets on Cebu Pacific I had booked earlier this year. And I'm simply reaping the fruits of my foresight. Hehe! I had taken a flight just a month ago and a lot's changed since then. Imagine what one "terror expert" could do to the entire security system! I knew about the ban on liquids which is why I purposely did not bring any gel, toothpaste and other liquids so that I would not have to check-in my backpack. But I ended up having to check it in because anything with wires is not allowed on hand-carried luggage as well, phone chargers included!

As I entered the waiting area, I had to wait a bit since passengers were taking off their shoes for the x-ray. The security personnel also asked us to remove our belts, eyeglasses and everything else in our pockets. Anyway, I guess this is for our safety.

I arrived in Davao City at about 5:30 p.m. just in time for dinner. My brod Jepri passed by for me at the Davao International Airport which is a new airport by the way. I was impressed with the facilities especially since the Manila Domestic Airport is such a shame!

We ate at this new place called Gardena Fresca which was a garden restaurant that served ihaw-ihaw among others. We got ourselves some pork ribs if I'm not mistaken and an order of guso or seaweed salad. I spent PHP90 for the package meal which comes with fruits and juice and an extra PHP45 for the guso.

After dinner, we met up with my SSEAYP batchmate Steve, who was meeting with other SSEAYP alumni from Davao at a coffee shop. Didn't stay that long since I was craving for durian. And we ate some at Magsaysay Park. Yummy! Hehe! The arancillo variety was PHP50 a kilo.

After that heavenly snack, they say durian tastes like heaven but smells like hell, we went for a Swedish massage. I'm going to bed quite early since we have a lot planned tomorrow. Anyway, more tomorrow.
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