Saturday, August 29, 2009

Malaysia: Hawker food in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Hawker food in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is an adventure worth embarking on. Don't we just all love street food? Last month, I was in transit in KL on the way to Bali. So I decided to spend the few hours I had on a street food adventure.

Hawker food is actually an important part of life in these parts of the world. I noticed my Malaysian and Singaporean friends can drive kilometers to a single hawker stall, sometimes in dingy locations, simply because the food is excellent. And I can't blame them! So walking around Chinatown, I decided to chow on some of the food available. My stomach couldn't handle everything, so I took photos of the rest instead.

All around the Jalan Petaling area, hawker stalls sell almost everything from claypot chicken rice, roasted duck, beef noodles, bah kut teh, popiah, beef and chicken satay and other Malay dishes, and roti chanai and other Indian dishes.

For my afternoon snack, I decided to have some chicken and beef satay with a rich peanut sauce which reminded me so much of the one I had in Jakarta. Since I also was craving for roti canai and roti telur, I went to a nearby Indian restaurant for a serving, of course with my favorite Horlicks ais drink!

Later in the evening, my Malaysian friend Kenneth brought me to Jalan Alor to savor the famous Ngau Kee beef noodles. It's most famous for the minced beef which they top on the noodles of your choice since they have several types of noodles. If only too much food was good for us, then I wouldn't stop eating.

Exploring the hawker stalls and street food in Malaysia is an adventure in itself. And did I say we had mango loh for dessert at K.T.Z. Food in Petaling Jaya? Yummy!
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