Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Binondo: Dong Bei Dumplings are the best dumplings in Chinatown!

I can't stop raving about Dong Bei Dumplings! It's along Nueva Street (well they call it Yuchengco Street now). There are times that I'd drive all the way to Binondo just to buy my stock of frozen dumplings and pancakes which I could easily cook at home when I crave for them. The dumplings are actually from Northern China (most Chinese dishes we see here in the Philippines are from Fujian Province).

You can choose what you want inside your dumplings, from plain vegetables such as kutchai and cabbage, to dumplings with mixed pork and vegetables, plain pork, or shrimp and vegetables. You can also order them steamed or fried. Both are actually good!

Same goes for the pancakes. You can pick what you like in them. But they're usually served fried. These posts are really making me hungry! I want to go to Binondo now!


  1. hi ivan,

    i've been following your blog for quite some time now. do you do tours?

  2. ivan,

    i almost tagged my pic.

    lecheng facebook yan!

  3. Bro I miss the dumpling in our country, hear in saudi it is a kind of spicy and oily.

  4. @pinay.in.ny, Ivan Man Dy does. Visit www.oldmanilawalks.com

  5. ivan, tnx to all your posts! it's not easy to find kutchay without meat inside. will be going there soon :)

  6. Jenefer Costa26.8.09

    yes! I've tasted them when I did the Old Manila Walks with Ivan Man Dy. Sarraapp!!!!

  7. Hello Ivan,

    Just sharing, you should try the forzen dumplings from Shuin, it is located along araneta ave, just pass NS amoranto (retiro?).. i find them quite good too... their chicken is great also...

  8. i've tried dong bei kuchay dumplings! sarap. and i've posted also an entry in my blog about it. now i'm craving because of this post, lol.

  9. is this open on sundays? and til what time does it open?

  10. elaine1.8.10

    just went there yesterday and we also bought frozen dumplings... for sure babalik kami dito to buy more, more, more dumplings :)

  11. Anonymous13.1.12

    hi i am from dong bei dumpling i wud like to inform you all that we are open everday, from sun-sat. 10am - 10pm, 365 days a year, no holidays......


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