Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pre-war travel films on Manila

Those were the days when romantic Manila was a favorite stop of cruise ships. It's so sad the city was totally destroyed during the Second World War. Which is why we should endeavor to protect the architectural heritage that still stands in the city. Let us not waste the tourism potential of our heritage by allowing the continuous destruction of our old buildings that have defined and continue to define the character of our capital city.

Because of the strong economic potential of our heritage, there should be a real effort from our national government and the City of Manila to restore our old buildings and landmarks. Maybe in the future, we could even slowly rebuild some important landmarks of Manila. In fact, in Intramuros, the reconstruction of the Ayuntamiento de Manila and the Casa Mision of the San Ignacio Church are already underway. And it's also about time we transform Manila into the garden city that it once was! It's not too late.

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