Friday, August 11, 2006

Pampanga: Mekeni! Tuki ka Pampanga!

Upcoming events

Grand Assumption Procession
August 15, 2006, 5:30 p.m.
Metropolitan Cathedral of San Fernando
Join us as we revive one of San Fernando's biggest pre-war traditions, the grand procession on the feastday of Our Lady of the Assumption. Relive the good old "pistaym" days as we don our best Filipiniana attires. See you there!

Manyaman Pamangan Kapampangan
August 27, 2006 (Sunday), 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Santuario de San Antonio, Forbes Park, Makati City
Invite your family and friends to this one-day Kapampangan food festival. Enjoy home-made ensaimada, pako shrimp salad, San Nicolas cookies, panara, tamales and other delicacies you grew up with. Mangan tamu qng Forbes!

A Taste of Pampanga
August 14 to 25, 2006
Captain's Bar, Mandarin Oriental Manila
Experience the awesome cuisine of Pampanga, also known as the culinary center of the Philippines, as Captain's Bar brings you some of the province's flavourful and exotic fare. Join the reunion of Kapampangan old families during the opening on Monday, August 14 at 11:30 a.m. For reservations and enquiries, call 750 8888 extension 2417 / 2418.

50th Anniversary Celebrations of the
Canonical Coronation of the Virgen de los Remedios
September 8, 2006
Villa del Sol, City of San Fernando, Pampanga
Malacanang declared this day a non-working holiday in the Province of Pampanga. Join in the celebrations as we commemorate the feast of the patroness of Pampanga.

Pyestang Tugak 2006: 4th Annual San Fernando Frog Festival
October 11 to 12, 2006
Poblacion and Greenville Subdivision, San Jose, City of San Fernando, Pampanga
The province of Pampanga is known for its frog traditions and cuisine. These traditions are however fast disappearing due to inevitable progress and urban growth, hence the need to rekindle and promote these traditions.

On day 1, there will be a street dance competition and parade. While day 2 will host the traditional and fun events including the padwasan (frog-catching contest) early in the morning, frog olympics and dress-up your frog contest, and the frog cooking contests. This festival is close to my heart since I was the one who started it in 2003 when I was still tourism officer of San Fernando. So I invite everyone to take part.

Anyway, to those asking about what to see and do in Pampanga, check out the tourism MTV produced by the Pampanga Provincial Government...

Also check out the videos at Indung Kapampangan.


  1. Anonymous13.8.06

    great video!

  2. ilove your blog. cani link you in my blog?

  3. i love the scenery and the video. i love also the great church of san fernando pampanga. when i was a little bou of 12, i always visit my grandma who lives there. it is very nostalgic. nice blog

  4. Off topic:

    Hi Ivan!

    Firstly, many thanks for dropping by and sharing with us a valuable information -- the museum at the Calvo building.

    Secondly, I apologize for having confused you -- on my response to your comment -- with the man who, like Carlos Celdran, does walking tours of Binondo.

    This is indeed an admirable effort you do with the preservation of our architecture and heritage. I will help out by posting entries about Manila and some of its interesting neighborhoods.

    Thanks, Ivan.

    eric aka senor enrique

  5. Anonymous19.8.06


    Is it possible to get an MPEG file of the Pampanga video from you? I'd like to share it to some old folks here in the states since they're not computer savvy. I'd be transferring it to DVD and mail it to various states. Let me know if it's possible and I'd share my email address. Salamat.

  6. The file would be close to 100MB so I don't think we could send it via e-mail. You could write the Provincial Information Office at the Pampanga Provincial Capitol, Capitol Boulevard, City of San Fernando, Pampanga 2000.

  7. Anonymous23.8.06

    Any chance you could use DROPLOAD ( It's free for 100MB and I could pickup the file from that site. Otherwise, I'll write to the Provincial Information Office. Thanks for all your help Ivan!

  8. Try downloading it from since they also have a copy there. If it doesn't work, I'll try to upload it in the site you mentioned.

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    God bless


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