Friday, October 06, 2006

Seminar on Philippine towns and cities

The Heritage Conservation Society (HCS), in collaboration with the Urban Partnerships Foundation, and the University of the Philippines History Department, is organizing Philippine Towns & Cities: reflections of the past, lessons for the future, a seminar which aims to promote heritage conservation as a strategy for urban development and revitalization that will redound to local socioeconomic growth.

A strategic starting point for this is to document the history and evolution of Philippine human settlements – how and why they were established, planned, developed, and grew in the manner that they have and in the places where they are.

From this documentation, lessons can be extracted that can help guide policies and approaches for the planning and management of future urban development and revitalization with a strong heritage conservation component.

For registration and further information, please contact:
Ms. Dorie Soriano (Heritage Conservation Society; Tel.: 521-2239; Email:
Mrs. Virginia R. Rodriguez (The Urban Partnerships Foundation; Tel: 895-1812/896-1902; Email:


  1. Anonymous10.10.06

    I came across your blog while doing research for my assignment on Vicente Manasala. Your blog might not be related to what I am doing but your blog is very well-written and informative. Really enjoy reading your blog.

    Vivian from Singapore

  2. Anonymous10.10.06

    nice blog. neat. keep it up.
    i'm just blurkin' around.

  3. Anonymous11.10.06

    Hi Ivan, Great blog. I run a travel site and would like to repost a few of your posts on various travel destinations. We would link to your site and give you full credit for your posts. Contact me. Mick

  4. Hi Ivan,

    Madamo guid Salamat for sharing your Philippine travel.
    What a treasure to find this exceptional site. It reminds me of my own experience travelling N S W E of the archipelago 20 yrs past.

    Keep it up and Stay Safe on your island adventure.


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