Wednesday, January 10, 2007

AirAsia is giving 1,000,000 free seats!

Those who already know about it will kill me for posting this. But those who might find out about it when it's too late will kill me too for not posting it. It's like a damned if you do, damned if you don't thing. Hehe! Anyway, AirAsia is at it again. I almost thought they weren't giving away free tickets this year. So I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the announcement in my inbox, that they had 1,000,000 free seats up for grabs.

In fact, I've already booked flights to Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta this June! Although the fare is free, you pay for taxes, surcharges and other expenses. My round-trip ticket from Clark to KL came out at PHP3,290. Add the PHP1,620 travel tax you pay at the airport plus the terminal fee of PHP300 (I'm not sure about the security fee), it's really cheap! I also bought a round-trip ticket from KL to Jakarta for just RM175 (PHP2625).

Hurry because the free flights are going... going... gone!


  1. This is quick becoming the golden age of air travel ... thanks for the tip!

  2. Anonymous10.1.07

    Exactly what Jetsgo (a Canadian budget airline) did months before it went belly up. Gave away CAD$5 from Toronto to Montreal and back.

    I hope that does not happen to Air Asia.

  3. Anonymous10.1.07

    Thanks for posting this! :)

  4. oh gosh... tried n tried n tried.... might be too late.. lucky you!!! oh well.. i'm sure after Chinese New Year.... there'll be some more offers... haha

  5. Anonymous10.1.07

    ey, it was really lucky that i found your blog. how do u book a trip? medyo nagloloko kasi yung connection ko eh. im planning on booking a trip this may sa bday ko sa phuket. :)

    nwei, im from san fernando (P)! i gather u are from there to. and UP ka rin ba? i graduated from UPD last 2002. (sorry dami tanong nagscan lang kasi ako, medyo in a hurry) and im planning on finally applying as a delagate for SSEAYP (tama ba? LOL)this year. kulang kasi ako sa community experience last year. looks like we have a lot in common! text me ur answer sa booking ha. keep in touch!

    - arvee (0915 319 2255)

  6. Hi there Filipino Travel Agency! AirAsia gave 2,000,000 last year and they're alive as ever! I went to Angkor Wat et al in April 2006 thanks to that promo. Hehe!

    Hi Dawn, just keep on trying. Hope to see you soon! :)

    Arvee, good luck with SSEAYP. Dawn is my SSEAYP batchmate from Singapore. You could e-mail me at

  7. Anonymous11.1.07

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  8. Anonymous11.1.07

    arvee, maybe it's not your connection. it might be because a lot of people we're accessing the site and the servers can't handle everyone. :) same thing happened when cebu pacific had their P10 fares.

    yo ivan! SSEAYP ka pala? anong batch? we hosted PYs years ago, mga 5 years din ata yun. i was about to try applying as a delegate too pero hirap daw ng labanan sa NCR e. i don't have much credentials back then. a SSEAYP alumni friend even told me to just represent Dagupan (our province) to have better chances of getting in.

    about the tickets, i didn't get one. :) i'm sure there will be a next time. 'pinas muna ako.

  9. Anonymous11.1.07

    Hi Ivan! i'm quite happy to discover your page through my multiply. I'm Abegaile, by the way. Friend mo pala si KD. I'm planning to have a photo shoot with him this early feb sana. Anyhow, i will keep coming back to visit your site, mraming good catch. does air asia offer group tours ba? ang hirap naman kasi mgtravel mag-isa, i would be fine though. Thanks, Thanks Ivan.

    Best Regards,

  10. Hey Renz, why don't you give it a shot. I think application should be about this time. Check the NYC for details.

    Abbey, you could book as a group. Just make sure walang magpapalit ng plans kasi if you book as a group, when you change, it's also as a group.

  11. Anonymous12.1.07

    0How can I travel? Pls msg me. Is it really free? :(

  12. Wow! Incredible!

  13. Anonymous1.3.07

    [...] If you'd like to read a testimonial from people who've bought tickets this year or before, read this blog post by Ivan and its comments. [...]


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