Thursday, March 01, 2007

The P1 fare of Cebu Pacific is back!

I heard the promo is supposed to start tomorrow but you can now book P1 fares on Cebu Pacific for both local and international destinations! I just booked a trip to Puerto Princesa for my birthday and Tacloban during my sembreak. The roundtrip tickets, inclusive of taxes and fuel surcharges, were just PHP1967.84 each!

The funny thing is that news spreads fast. And even though they haven't announced it yet, the flights are going fast! A few minutes after I booked my flight, the P1 fare was no longer available for my Puerto Princesa flight. Oh well! Check out

Many thanks to Renz Ticsay for the info.


  1. Hi Ivan,
    this is a good news... I had also used their P1 and P10 promo before in some of my travelphotography stints...

    by the way, i add your site as link to my site. you stated in your description that we're free to add your site so I just did it.

    I'm not a new visitor of your site. I've read a lot here and just lurk around. This is my first time to make a comment though :)

  2. Hi Dodong! Please feel free to add me to your links :)

    Thanks for dropping by!


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