Saturday, April 28, 2007

Manila: Have you tried karting?

Tonight, I went kart racing at Kart Trak in Boom na Boom. My high school batch is celebrating its tenth year anniversary this year and this was the first in a series of events we've planned. This was the second time my batch organized a go kart enduro. Two years ago, we did it at the Manila SpeedZone in Fort Bonifacio. A go kart enduro can be an individual or team event. Each driver or team must make as many laps as they can in a given period of time. Tonight, we did a one and a half hour endurance race. And now my muscles ache! But it was all fun and I just wanted to share the photos with you in my Multiply and our batch page.


  1. Anonymous29.4.07

    i did actually here, it was fun and trilling talaga. masarap ang feeling but very cautious kasi baka magkabanggaan.

  2. This was a race so we had to throw caution out the window. Hehe! But I made sure the team I was part of was the "just for fun" team so no pressure on my part. Hehe!

  3. You won the race?

  4. Anonymous29.4.07

    gusto ko try din yan one of these days. dumadami na mga racetracks dito sa pinas :)

  5. Hi Sidney, it was the other way around. Hahaha! I didn't want to be pressured so it was leisurely driving for my team. Hehe!

  6. hi! ivan,

    would you have an idea how much it cost for a one hour drive?

    i'd really like to try going there with my boyfriend : )

  7. Kart Trak is P250/12 mins while SpeedZone is P600/12 mins.

  8. Anonymous7.5.07

    Wow buhay pa pala ang Boom na Boom? The last time I was there was... ten years ago. Karting sure looks fun!

  9. you were driving leisurely, eh. buti walang bumabangga sayo.

  10. Anonymous28.5.07

    This is shryshine and I read an article in the and visited your site.. I like your site and i hope to join you and your team in one of your travel within pinas if pwede..I am a traveller but I havent thought of summing all the adventures (bad and good) of my trip down there. I am still in Austrlia and hope to be there by June..
    I also love promoting our country.. and really I love pinas... And want still to settle there..


  11. Anonymous27.7.08

    open pa rin ba yung karting sa boom na boom?

    kailangan pa ba ng entrance fee dun mismo sa boom na boom or puwede na diretso sa racetrack & dun na magbayad ng 250?

    is it the same as ek?



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