Saturday, August 25, 2007

Iloilo & Capiz: Seafood binge in Capiz

I flew to Iloilo today to attend tomorrow's launching of the Ateneo Alumni Association - Iloilo Chapter. Our flight arrived at the new Iloilo Airport in Cabatuan, Iloilo at 6 a.m. We decided to proceed first to our hotel in Iloilo City to drop off our stuff.

Since Sta. Barbara and Pavia were along the way, we decided to pass by to check out their churches. We had to pay PHP200 for a taxi since the new airport is several towns away from Iloilo City.

Before proceeding to the bus station for Roxas City, we had batchoy for breakfast at Ted's. The bus to Roxas was about two hours and costs PHP113. We arrived at 11:30 a.m. and went straight to the Baybayon Seafood Plaza in Baybay Beach to savor the seafood. Capiz claims to be the Seafood Capital of the Philippines.

The food was great and really cheap! We were shocked our bill was just PHP334. The small batya of talaba (oysters) was just PHP25; scallops were PHP5 a piece; the big pusit was just PHP40 a stick; cagaycay (shells) for the soup was PHP35; the slice of blue marlin was PHP80 and the kilawin was just PHP25 a serving. The non-seafoods include pork barbeque at PHP10 a stick and tayuba (liempo) at PHP35.

From Baybay, we took photos at the center of Roxas City, where you can find the Capiz Provincial Capitol, the Cathedral and Panublion Museum, a water tank which was converted into a museum. We then took a jeep to the town of Pan-ay to check out the church and the largest bell in Asia (the third largest in the world). The Pan-ay Church is a National Cultural Treasure and National Historical Landmark.

We then went back to Roxas City, and took a bus back to Iloilo City. Traffic was bad when we got back so we didn't have much time to rest before dinner with the Ateneo alumni. My SSEAYP batchmate, Winwin Sanchez, dropped by the hotel to say hi. Then the group of Tito Chito Tinsay, Danya Jacomille and Pam Go arrived to pick us up for our dinner at the Mango Tree Restaurant, owned by Ateneans as well.

The ambiance of the restaurant was great. They have a large garden at the back which one could use for functions. Don't forget to try out their sizzling bulalo steak and their frozen mango iced tea which I liked very much.

If you thought the night was over, it wasn't! The group proceeded to Smallville to hang out. Smallville rocks! This is the new hip nightlife area of Iloilo City. We didn't stay up too late since the launch was the next day. More photos in Multiply.


  1. Anonymous30.8.07

    sigh...nothing like going to the provinces for fresh, inexpensive and delicious seafood!

  2. I know Ivan got happy spending his time here in Panay.

    Bitin ka pa ba sa Guimaras and Pany trip? May Aklan and Antique pang natitira at kumpleto mo na ang buong Western Visayas. :)

    Your always welcome to come back here in Iloilo and Panay. :)

  3. Anonymous2.9.07

    awsome pictures!! ^_^ My dad is also enjoying the pictures that u have. He is going to the Philippines in December and staying untill the end March by himself. So if u happen to be going, meet my dad. He want's 2 make friends ^_^ thank you 4 sharing.

  4. Anonymous2.9.07

    Hey Ivan! welcome to IloIlo! :) Eat in Deco's Batchoy in the La Paz Market. It's only a couple of minitues away from your hotel :)

  5. Anonymous2.9.07

    Nakakaubos akong isang platter ng talaba in one sitting... (with rice and sinamak of course). But, only in Iloilo.

  6. It's always refreshing to hear and read visitors leaving good comments about Roxas City and Capiz . . . with pictures to boot.

    I can't describe how much I love my hometown and how much I miss it.

    Way to go bro!

  7. Anonymous16.8.08

    hi ivan, i get the warm fuzzies everytime i see non-capiz folk rave about capiz. i hope more people see beyond that annoying aswang stigma! sarap ng scallops, at panalo talaga ang pan-ay church. planning to see dumalag church when i come back, hopefully soon. hehehe ^.^

  8. Anonymous16.8.08

    yez, i think. marami pa din ibang churches e. saka caves!

  9. Anonymous16.8.08

    hey mr ivan, thanks sa reply! how far is that bell from roxas city mismo? how long ung travel from iloilo to that bell? please pakwento naman kasi we're planning to go iloilo and sidetrip na rin to roxas city...thanks super!

  10. Hmmmm, about 30 minutes from Roxas City if I remember it right.

  11. Captivating Capiz, You are all welcome here in our place.

    Thank you for visiting Pan-ay, the home of the Biggest Bell in Asia.

    Be amazed with the abundance of seafood's here. :)


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