Thursday, October 18, 2007

Batangas: Las Haciendas and our Ambon-Ambon Falls trek

Today, we went chasing waterfalls again. I went with Bikoy and Nino to Las Haciendas in Laurel, Batangas. It's an upcoming residential estate and nature resort. And thanks to my MBA classmate, Dennis Morada, we got to visit this great place before the crowds start trooping to the place.

Our main goal was to trek to Ambon-Ambon Falls which is located inside the estate. After lunch at the clubhouse, they toured us around the place. We visited the campsite where overnight huts are available for rent. We also visited the Simbahang Bato, a cave which serves as the church of the local community. Then it was off to the jump-off point for the trek.

The trail to Ambon-Ambon was very easy, laid back trail. We forgot to bring slippers though. But we managed crossing the four streams on the way without getting our shoes wet.

After that easy trek to the falls, we went swimming in the infinity pool. My Pinoy Mountaineer partner Gideon Lasco followed but missed the trek. For more information on trekking to the falls, or if you want to camp overnight, please contact them at (0920) 9255044 or

They have a day tour package at P750 per head (minimum of 15 pax) which includes free entrance, use of mudslide (this looked like so much fun), trekking to Ambon-Ambon Falls, use of swimming pool, lunch and morning and afternoon snacks. There are also overnight rates at P1,500 inclusive of overnight accommodations in the campsite huts, two lunches, one dinner, one breakfast and three snacks as well as use of the facilities. Not bad!

Anyway, the four of us had dinner in Tagaytay where temperatures dropped. I wish we could have stayed there for the night.


  1. Anonymous21.10.07

    Good job.Nice blog you have.

  2. Anonymous21.10.07

    by upcoming do you mean it's open to the public already? looks sweet.

  3. Yes, it's open to the public. They gave us a sheet of packages for groups and seminars.

  4. Anonymous26.10.07

    shall visit this soon.

  5. Anonymous4.2.08

    Hi ivan, can you pls post the sheet of package for groups if you don't mind. More power to you site!

  6. how do you go there by commute? my girlfriend has this complimentary ticket for 4.. but we don't know how to get there..

  7. Anonymous25.11.10

    hope you don't mind, I know this blog of yours was way back 2007, but would you still know the packages that you have for this vacation?

  8. Here's the website of the resort currently running the visitors of Las Haciendas. They have all the details there.

  9. Anonymous4.3.12

    ..we just visit this place last weekend, we've enjoyed the trekking to Ambon-ambon Falls and the activities at Pugad Lawin Adventure Camp...


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