Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Manila: Makati skyline at night

This is the view from one of my favorite hangouts, the Ritz penthouse apartment of my brod. I was there last Sunday for a frat party. And again on Wednesday, the night before the Peninsula takeover, for another frat event. The second photo was snatched from Bikoy. Hehe!


  1. Indeed it is beautiful sight. In Sydney, Australia, the skyline is well lit at night too but when you pass by them via flyovers and bridget, you see that they are empty. I learned that the buildings are required by government to keep their lights on for tourist purposes, to have a picturesque night skyline. In Makati, the lights are on because there are people working in them-call centers, business processes, etc. Beat that you ozzies! Our night skyline is for real!

  2. sorry for the typo. I meant bridges and not bridget.

  3. Anonymous12.12.07

    Nice Pics!!!

  4. Anonymous26.12.07

    Fantastic Photos! May I grab bro? for the benefit of my foreign friends! SO that they would believe that I don't live in the jungle. And which brods are you talking about?

  5. Is there any other frat? Hahaha! You can also check out Bikoy's pics at

  6. Anonymous26.12.07

    hehe bro naman, of course I know OUR brods I meant which ones... hehehe.

    Mimss you all! say hi to the brods. post mo naman here yung ibang events my boss is interested (Putch Puyat i forgot what batch)

  7. Anonymous26.12.07

    saucy! =p maybe next time, dapat may invites na kami, haha.

  8. Anonymous7.4.08

    Is it possible to get higher res pictures of this? I just got back from a 6 moth business trip to Makati and was unable to get any good shots while I was there. I would like a few pictures though in my apartment for some memories


  9. Hi, i would like to ask if i can use this photo for a web page. looks very cool. i like the way it was shot.


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