Saturday, April 04, 2009

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are in Boracay?!

Rumor has it that celebrity couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are going to the new Shangri-La Resort in Boracay. And they'll be staying at one of the resort's priciest suites I was told! It also reached me that they chartered a SEAIR plane to get there. But friends from SEAIR aren't confirming the news. Again, it's unconfirmed but news from the grapevine is the couple chartered the plane using the name Frangelina, an Armenian princess or something.

Could Pitt and Jolie have entered the country undetected using the Dornier Do-24 ATT seaplane which can land straight in Boracay? Just a backgrounder, in February 2004, a restored and re-engined Do-24 ATT was used by a UNICEF mission to assist children in the Philippines. Upon completion of the work with UNICEF, it is now run as a special charter airliner by South East Asian Airlines. I wonder if they used that! If they did, such style, such substance! Can people in Boracay confirm if they are really there? Watch out for a couple in a large hat and dark shades!

But maybe not, since I got more news that Brangelina flew with at least eight bodyguards (three of them female), all dressed in beach attire! And that the conditions of the special charter flight was that the SEAIR crew should not mind the passengers. I want to go to Boracay! SEAIR take me there too!

Anyway, if it is true, the fact that the couple chose Boracay as their vacation destination this time around is reason enough to celebrate. That means the Philippines is slowly entering the mainstream global tourism market. We've been so left behind by all our neighbors, it's about time we take our rightful place with all the beautiful beaches, natural scenery and colorful heritage we have here! I do hope Brangelina have a nice time here in the Philippines and come back to see more.


  1. sarah quezon4.4.09

    yes ivan this is confirmed! i saw them on a jetski just before sunset today.

    my BF and im are now staying the shangri-la in bora. will try to email pics but unfortunatey not very good resolution!

  2. Anonymous5.4.09

    I saw them in a jetski too! I'm also staying at the Shanri-La. I was trying to take a picture but some girl named Sarah and her BF ruined the pic by jumping in front of me.

    Oh, and I have pictures of the LochNes too but unfortunately not very good resolution!

  3. I saw that news on the newspaper earlier today. Sana may ipakitang footages sa TV para convincing. Si George clooney nasa Bora din daw. Add kita sa blog roll ko. add mo din ako pls.

  4. Anonymous5.4.09

    Hi Ivan,

    I heard abt it though during our travel agents gathering :) But no one could confirm as well...

    I'm sure that if the hoteliers will confirm, it'll still be after their stay. It's private, partner. Kasama sa bayad sa hotel ang privacy nila. Haha!


  5. Brad Pitt6.4.09

    Yes Ivan. We were in Boracay. It was a wonderful place to visit. Lots of people though.

  6. Anonymous7.4.09

    Crazy nut !!!

  7. Angelina Jolie7.4.09

    Yes, Brad and I were there. The lumot (moss) was hell.

  8. oprah's winfrey7.4.09

    we just saw them with their kids. all eight of them. they were having brunch beachside with Madonna, Manny Pacquaio, and GMA. And then in the lobby of the ShangriLa was the entire cast of Twilight. wow, i took some pictures but the Easter bunny took it away. oh well.

  9. Hi Brad, Angelina and Oprah! Hehe! :P

  10. vohne Yao7.4.09

    AGAHHA comedy hahah

  11. Anonymous8.4.09

    Hahaha, sabi ko na stir eh. They're in Long Island, NY.

  12. Anonymous8.4.09

    ...they're in long island, ny (unless they just got back from boracay)

  13. Manny Pacquiao8.4.09

    Hi, I saw Brad and Angelina, you know. We had lunch together and spent time on the beach, waited for sunset, you know. I gave them plenty of VitWater and also, you know, alaxan for muscle pain.

  14. Insel Konnig11.4.09

    Aparently, they ate at Fridays and were chatting with some of thier guests there. I heard from one Fridays staff member that after eating they talked with one of the managers about staying at Fridays next time. will try to get more information, at least now we know one of their hang outs!

  15. Rein Valdez11.4.09

    Wow.! what a nice rumor. Can you give some proof about it. Hope to see them both. Update nyu lang po kami ha if my update. thanks

  16. ate glow14.4.09

    totoo yan nagkita kami ni angelina at ni brad pit. kumain kami kasama si pacman noh. hinatid ko sila sa seair nagkwentuhan pa kami doon tapos nagpaalam na sila noh. nagpapicture kami ang tangkad nilang dalawa kaya binuhat ako ni manny. Ang saya saya noh.

  17. haha we (Filipinos) always find humor in everything talaga! hahaha!

  18. Curacha22.4.09

    hahaha. nakakatawa naman mga comments dito. comedy.

  19. this straight from an operations manager at Shangri-La, they were there, stayed at a private villa with a private beachfront to boot. It was a cool 159,000.00 pesos per person per night.

  20. this straight from an operations manager at Shangri-La, they were there, stayed at a private villa with a private beachfront to boot. It was a cool 159,000.00 pesos per person per night.

  21. Anonymous2.5.09

    hi.. would like to ask someone who saw brad and angelina together with manny pacquiao and ate glo? gusto ko lang confirm kung kasama ni manny si lito atienza at chavit singson?

  22. Anonymous3.5.10

    Friends of mine working at Shangri La said they were not there and it was just a publicity stunt. For sure they would not have flown in, they would have taken the helicopter if they did come here. But they didn't.
    The increased security alone would have been immediately obvious!
    They were actually filming a movie on the other side of the world at the time of these rumours!

  23. Anonymous13.7.11

    Sara if your planning to fool someone be sure your grammars are correct..

    "i saw them on a jetski just before SUNSET today"

    "my BF and are now staying the shangri-la in bora"

    Sakit ng tiyan ko kktawa!! hahaha

  24. ^^ Since we are on the topic of grammar, it should be "Sara if you're planning..." with an apostrophe not "Sara if your planning..."

    And the plural of "grammar" is "grammar" not "grammars"

    Wala lang, hehe!

  25. fascinating and exotic place!



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