Friday, July 10, 2009

Pancit Batil Patung of Tuguegarao, Cagayan

Pancit Batil Patung or Batil Patong is a noodle dish unique to Tuguegarao, Cagayan. It's something you have to try if ever you get to visit the warmest city in the country.

I got to try the one at Paul Louis in front of the old city hall. I asked if I could see the pancit being made in the kitchen. I guess the reason behind the name is that the sahog is simply placed on top of the noodles.

The meats include ground pork, beef or possibly even carabeef. They also add sauteed vegetables, crushed chicharon and fried egg. If you get the mega or jumbo size, they throw in liver and hotdogs. It's PHP40 for the super size which I had, and the mega and jumbo are PHP50 and PHP60 respectively.

They usually serve chopped onions and calamansi with the pancit. Make sure to ask the servers how to mix the onions, calamansi, vinegar and soy sauce with the pancit.

Gretchen's is another pancitan in front of the old city hall. Another suggested pancitan is Long Life in Barangay Tanza in front of Panacal Village. In many of these restaurants, they also sell Pancit Cabagan, which is the native pancit of Cabagan, Isabela but very popular in Tuguegarao.

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  1. Hello Ivan
    I came across this pancit when several pancits were featured on tv. 100% PINOY on GMA 7 ata. Looked like a "mess" that time but this post proved me wrong. It looks very appetizing. As if looks matter when it comes to food LOL

  2. Karen Monique Mercado Aviso11.7.09

    can't wait for you to try pancit cabagan :)

  3. Victor Dy Del Rosario11.7.09

    mas masarap pansit cabagan haha

  4. Senn B Sulit11.7.09

    from what place ang pancit cabagan pls?

  5. @Vic, biased! Taga-Isabela kasi! Haha!

  6. wow, looks delicious! never saw this during the times we went on a pilgrimage to piat....we kept encountering the bitter igado instead. hehe.

  7. Masarap talaga pancit dun..hehe
    You should try it..
    I think yearly may pancit festival sa Tuguegarao...around August ata un..hehe

  8. I suddenly miss pancit batil patung. I like it better than pancit cabagan!

  9. grabe!!! i missed pancit na batil patung... huhuhuhu... meron bang nagtitinda ng ganyan d2 sa manila? ive heard meron raw sa baclaran at sa espana!!! totoo kaya yun?!!

  10. abis7.8.09

    The best ang pancit cabagan lalo na if you'll sprinkle it with suka. I i remember it right Rose ang tatak ng suka nila.

  11. try this new pansiteria somewhere along magallanes, between washington and legaspi streets.

    regular - P40
    special - P50
    super special - P55
    golpe - P60
    sagad - P70.00

    i had super special for lunch last week. ANG SARAP!

  12. I miss Batil patung even my husband like it so much.He told me that he never taste pancit like batil patung in La Union.How i wish meron Batil Patung dito s Toronto.My late uncle who is former congressman love to it Batil Patung.Sana meron s Mla para next vacation namin dna kailangan umuwi p kmi s Cagayan para matikman ang Batil Patung.Dna kasi masarap kapag malamig na...

  13. Anonymous14.2.10

    eating pancit batil patung and cabagan is my most routine//hahahahah.. masarap talaga.. lalo na yung may natimplang sibuyas.wala kasi dito sa manila..dagal nga sister and i used to teach dancesport discpline every summersports clinic.. we used to dance before there..after our rehearsal we would rummage to the pancitan.... her name is jollybee and mine is dan.. ..i used to savor the sumptuous pancit of
    1. BEL's
    2. Tuddao's
    3. yari aranni ta cct..yari likuk na
    4. gretchen's
    5. amigo's
    6. atbp..kalimutan ko na yung iba..
    yari panci da taw ta manila ale dana, nasin paga.

  14. Anonymous2.7.10

    How would you like to try my enticingly delicious Batil Patong for less! I heard my customers say for less kase madami daw giniling na baka. Soy and Broth based tuguegarao noodles topped with sauted groundbeef, lechon kawali ,pork liver ,celery & pouched egg.Typically served w/ piping hot egg soup & spicy toyo-mansi w/onions. Anni mabba mallulu na ngana! WELCOME everyone to BAGUMBAYAN PANSITERIA, syempre pa sa Bagumbayan lang..

  15. Anonymous2.7.10

    How would you like to try our enticingly delicious pansit for less! Soy and Broth based tuguegarao noodles topped with sauted carabeef, bagnet,pork liver,monggo sprouts & pouched egg.Typically served w/ piping hot egg soup & spicy toyo-mansi w/onions. Anni mabba mallulu na ngana! WELCOME everyone and hope you give it a try and visit our Pansitan @ home BAGUMBAYAN PANSITERIA sa Bagumbayan, tuguegarao..TY!

  16. Anonymous3.9.10

    Ow, I like batil-patung so much. I'm craving for it everytime.

    Everytime I go for a vacation in Aparri, I used to cut trip to tuguegarao just to eat pancit batil-patung. it makes me complete my vacation.

    The last time I eat batil-patung, it was only Php30 for special, and now it is already Php45 but look at the size it is almost good for 2.

    The best panciteria today in tuguegarao is Jay-rens, located at diversion road before the diversion bridge from florida terminal. Only a few blocks away from florida terminal in diversion road.


  17. masarap talaga ang batil patong and i've learned to make it for my family here in manila... pero ang siste, hindi sya masarap with the mikki dito.. masarap parin pag galing tugue yung mikki :D

  18. Anonymous28.7.11

    namimis ko na ang batil pating :(
    yum! yum! masarap siya lalo na kapag umuulan. i remember kahit bumabagyo nun sugod kami sa panciteria ni NANG's. i think its one of the best pansitan in tuguegarao. kahit everyday pa yan walang sawaan... :)

  19. somewhere in quezon city circle, every saturday and sunday meron daw ngluluto ng pansit cabagan, my cousin told me to try it..

  20. Anonymous26.9.11

    na miss ko yung batil patong kc tuwing umuuwi aq sa probinsiya nmin.di aq uuwi ng manila hanggat di aq kumakain ng batil patong kya wantosawa sa kain.pero yung nkabilik n aq dito s manila walng nagti2nda dito ng ganun kaya nagtray aqng magluto yun nsarapan nmn yung mga kapit bahay nmin .kaya mag oopen sna aq ng canteen at batil patong ang main menu...i hope maging ok ang lhat.

  21. I was craving batil patong for a long time,..i miss home! I tried making it one time pero iba parin ung satin..i bought some miki looking sa asian store,.it doesnt taste the same..i think it was korean noodles or something,.Sa day off ko try ko ulit husband liked it ,.he wanted it almost every day..hayzzz kelan kaya ulit ako makatikim..

  22. Anonymous26.7.12

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  23. arthur30.9.12

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