Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Palawan: Great food at Bistro Coron & Seadive Resort

Coron has its own food surprises. And Bistro Coron most definitely tops the list. It has a really extensive menu which includes pizza, pasta, beef, chicken, pork, seafood, soups, salads, sandwiches and dessert, plus a bar list that includes close to seventy drinks and cocktails.

As always, pizza was one of the choices. They have nine kinds including one called a Panizza which is pizza on bread. We got the one called Bistro which has tomato, onion, garlic, mushrooms and ground beef toppings. They usually come in three sizes and cost Php179, Php249 and Php389 respectively. They served the pizza on a tray which reminded me of another really good pizza I had at the Romblon Deli.

The beef dishes are quite popular among the foreigners. And I'm sure you'll find something there that will suit your taste.

Since we stayed at Seadive Resort, many of our meals were at the restaurant. I was told one of their best sellers was steak. Of course, pizza and pasta was in our selection. One of their pasta has a ginger and coconut milk sauce. Unusual for pasta but it was quite good. You can also check out their blackboard for the special for the day.

Coron pasalubong
Cashew nuts or casuy is one of the things you bring home from Coron. And the place to get casuy is from Coron Harvest. It's close to the port area which a few minutes away from the town proper. Aside from the usual toasted or garlic cashew, the best buys would be Bandi, that is cashew with caramelized brown sugar; and Brittle which has both caramelized sugar and honey!


  1. Anonymous9.5.10

    Bistro Coron Resto - here you'll experience the worst customer service ever! Don't ever eat at that place.

  2. Anonymous22.8.11

    ya i agree with you... the owner and is wife are so antipathetic.. its obvious that they don't like filipino.... and all the food is from frozen.

  3. Anonymous7.8.12

    Stay at Busuanga Island Resort. Very good food, reasonable price, nice rooms, good service, and a forest within it.

  4. Anonymous2.2.13

    i agree,the worst customer service is coron bistro.we went there on our first night and we were declined saying they have the placed reserved already.we even emphasized we're willing to wait but they still did not entertain us.the guy at the bar told us we can come back in the morning since there is hardly any customer in the morning.on our 2nd night,we went there and was turned down AGAIN. On our 3rd day, we were planning to have breakfast there and we saw closed sign, no wonder that guy told us there were hardly no customers in the morning.we were so pissed off.now im thinking it is possible that they just wanted to entertain foreigners :-(


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