Thursday, July 12, 2012

Traveling the distance to bridge relationships

Things can get really difficult here in the Philippines. It's hard to make ends meet, especially if you have families to feed. Having a family means a lot of responsibilities. And we all know that many are forced to live and work far from their families in order to provide a better future for them. That is the dilemma many husbands and wives face, whether to live together but without a clear future due to trying times, or to accept the need to find greener pastures, forced by circumstances to be separated by distance, in order to provide a brighter future for the family, especially the children.

In these times that the family breadwinner is away and alone, memories of home can serve as vital nourishment for the soul. Family photographs, messages from home, familiar sights, sounds and even scents can remind separated individuals of home and of special memories. Maybe a smell of home-cooked meal or that of freshly-washed clothes with the same scent the wife uses at home, Tide with Downy perhaps.

Yes, the whiteness and freshness of clothes washed with Tide with Downy can last for up to 7 days. So no matter how far and long the journey of the washed clothes are, its scent remains fresh with the scent of Tide with Downy. I saw (and smelled) that for myself early this month when I traveled far and wide to deliver packages from Tide with Downy.

When I heard about the Tide with Downy Bangong Padala campaign, and that they wanted a travel blogger to deliver their packages and bridge distance relationships, I immediately agreed when they extended the invitation.

Tide thought of a way of reaching out to couples who are separated by distance. The public was invited to share their special long distance love stories to the campaign. Everyone who sent their story got the opportunity to send a special package to their loved one. There were hundreds of love stories sent and received by the campaign. And out of the hundreds that were sent, Tide eventually picked three that stood out.

In the next few days, I will share these stories with you. I traveled far to meet the people behind these stories. This is where my journey begins. Enjoy the video!

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