Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Parañaque: Crispy Chili Garlic Bacon at The Burgery, BF Homes

Crispy Chili Garlic Bacon at The Burgery, BF Parañaque
BF Homes Parañaque is definitely a foodie haven. I was looking for something to eat late last night and went for a drive along Aguirre Avenue. That's one long stretch of restaurants, many of which you'll only find in BF.

We saw this new restaurant called The Burgery. Of course, the main attraction of their menu are the burgers and burger rice meals. But they have other dishes. A large poster actually caught my attention: Crispy Chili Garlic Bacon that was topped on herbed rice. I'll let the photo do the talking. I should explore more of BF during weekends!

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  1. That dish looks so good! I wish I can grab that one of these days..it's just that I'm from the North and I really have to make an effort to go there. Darn. =)


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