Sunday, September 01, 2013

Nepal: Visa on arrival & applying for a Nepali visa in the Philippines

Nepal Visa on Arrival
Need a visa for Nepal? The Democratic Republic of Nepal does not have a diplomatic mission (embassy or consulate) in the Philippines. But visa on arrival is readily available when you land in Kathmandu. In fact, you only have to bring a passport-sized photo (35 x 45mm) and US$25 (for a 15 Day Tourist Entry Visa), fill-out the Visa Application Form (different from the Immigration Arrival Card) which is available during your flight (while supplies last) or at the airport itself, and line-up at the visa on arrival counter. It's that simple! If you forgot to bring a picture, there is a photo booth in Kathmandu Airport.

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  1. I wonder if you can tell me story about Nepal ^_^ my boyfriend lives there .. how's it? i wanna visit too when i have money hahaha :D

  2. Anonymous25.11.13

    that's it? no more other requirements? Wow! Entering is quite easy. thanks for this... really helpful!


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