Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Scotland: Glasgow's George Square at night

While Edinburgh is Scotland's capital, Glasgow is its largest city. One of the city's main attractions are the lavish Victorian and Edwardian buildings that were constructed during the 19th century and turn of the 20th century.

We arrived late in the afternoon but had a dinner appointment. By the time we were done, it was quite dark. So I got see the city's fine architecture only at night since we were leaving for England early the next day. Most of the buildings were not properly lit though. At least George Square, Glasgow's main square, was fantastic in the evening.

On the east side of the square are the Glasgow City Chambers, inaugurated by Queen Victoria in 1888. It serves as the headquarters of the Glasgow City Council. The south side has the former General Post Office, built in 1878, and other buildings. The city's Cenotaph stands in front of the Glasgow City Chambers. The memorial commemorates Glaswegians who died during the First World War.

At the center of the square is an 80-foot column honoring author Walter Scott. Several other public statues can be found around the square. So that was Scotland!

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