Thursday, August 12, 2010

Malacañang cancels August 23, 2010 non-working holiday

While I agree that keeping the holiday on the day of the actual holiday preserves the solemnity of the observance, I believe Malacañang was very inconsiderate in issuing Proclamation No. 13 stating that "Ninoy Aquino Day shall be observed this year as a nationwide special (non-working) holiday on 21 August 2010 (Saturday) instead of August 23."

Holiday economics has induced people to plan their travel early. I personally have booked tickets on the previously scheduled long-weekends this month. It's totally naive of Malacañang to think that most people plan their travel back home to the provinces or for recreation just a few days before a holiday. What do they want our countrymen to do, forfeit their plane, ferry or bus tickets? Cancel paid hotel bookings? Take leaves from work or absent kids from school because of long-scheduled family vacations? Could this be a result of the executive disorder the Philippine Daily Inquirer was talking about?

Any changes to holiday economics should be done next year. And policy has to be made clear so people would not anticipate any more long-weekends. Unless the president wants to be accused of siding with business interests again, I do hope he reconsiders this decision because many of our countrymen are looking forward to these long-weekends later this month.

Update (08/13/10): According to Malacañang, August 30 will remain a non-working holiday in observance of National Heroes Day.
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