Saturday, April 23, 2005

Brunei & Malaysia: It's home for me tomorrow

I'm back in Kota Kinabalu. The trip was shorter this time. I left Brunei at 1:00 p.m. and got here in KK at about 6:15 p.m. Lesser waiting time and this time, we used the highway going to Muara.

Last night, together with other BPYs including my SG-mates Zam and Sharin, I tried Brunei's favorite dish, ambuyat, a sago-based paste that you dip in pungent sauces. It's sad Siti Raisa wasn't able to join us since she left for Mecca today. Quite a funny dish but not bad. It's like eating sticky gawgaw paste and dipping it in curry, chili or durian sauce. You twirl the paste in between bamboo sticks, dip and eat.

After dinner, we chilled out in Wandi and Yati's apartment. Then went for some roti john... beef, eggs, green onions, chili sauce and mayo cooked into a bun.

This morning, Wandi and Yati brought me to Muara for my ferry to Labuan. It took about an hour and thirty minutes. Got there in time for the 3:00 p.m. ferry to KK.

This time I'm staying at the Hotel Malar Kinabalu for my last night. I wanted a room for my own so that I could fix my stuff for the plane tomorrow. I had Indian food again for dinner, this time lamb murtabak and roti telur. In the middle of my murtabak, the cook told me the Malay name, muratbak kambing, which made me quite uncomfortable eating the rest of it. But it's sheep, not goat. The whole meal cost me only RM8 which is about P120. Expect to spend approximately RM10 for every meal if you plan to backpack here in Malaysia. That meal was quite filling.

I'm off to the hotel now to rest. I'll do some last minute shopping early tomorrow at the Sunday market which I've been waiting for all week, before I go to the airport for my 2 p.m. flight back to Clark.

See everyone soon!

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  1. Anonymous7.6.10

    From Brunei to KK, is it by bus, car or ferry.

  2. Anonymous31.3.11

    Hi! How much is the ferry ride?

  3. Anonymous21.9.11

    Hi! Magkano ba dapat ang travel allowance per day pag nasa Brunei? At saan pwede manatili na mura lang sa Jerudong? Punta ako ng Brunei para sa isang pagpupulong at baka mag-extend. Unang beses kong pupunta roon kaya wala pa akong alam. Sana makakuha ako ng tips sa iyo.


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