Thursday, November 23, 2006

Rizal: Angono is the Art Capital of the Philippines

Since Angono was small anyway, we decided to try our luck and drove towards the hills since that would be the best place to look for them. We made a turn towards the Eastridge Golf and Country Club and saw a sign pointing to the Nemiranda Family Museum. Now this is something I wanted to see having heard of the artist from television features to newspaper and magazine articles.

The entrance fee to the museum was PHP30 but since it was fiesta, they let us in for free. And the great thing about our visit was we got to meet the artist himself! Normally, they also offer lunch for visitors at PHP150 per head if I'm not mistaken. But he kindly offered us and other visitors to partake of the lunch which was served since it was fiesta. The food was great!

We had a nice chat about his place and how Angono transformed itself into the Art Capital of the Philippines. There are so many art galleries in the town such as his, Blanco Family, Vicente Reyes, Orville DR Tiamson, Ang Nuno, etc. I also asked him about the higantes and its history. He also shared with us his experiences with Botong Francisco, how his father and Botong were very good friends and how he could have been the last artist to talk with Botong before he passed away since they chatted (Miranda was a junior college student then) on the morning the very day Botong died.

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