Saturday, November 18, 2006

Pampanga: Giant Lantern Festival 2006

It's a spectacle you should not miss! A showcase of Filipino ingenuity, San Fernando's giant lanterns never fail to bedazzle the crowd! Watch twelve barangays battle it out with their 18-foot lanterns, each with at least 5,000 light bulbs, on December 16, Saturday, 7 p.m. at SM City Pampanga, City of San Fernando. Check out a previous entry on the festival here.

It's best to arrive at the venue early. I suggest you park at SM City Pampanga before lunch. Have lunch there, watch a movie or whatever since if you arrive later than that, traffic will start to get bad since over 100,000 people watch the event annually. Also park near the exit since you'll have a hard time getting out when the event is over. For more information, contact the City Tourism Office at (045) 961-5684.

Ivan About Town in the news
While I was doing my regular Internet search, I found the following:
Old houses mirror revolutionary past (15 Nov 06, PDI) - This Inquier article quoted one of my blog entries on San Miguel, Bulacan. Yikes! It just shows I'm being read. Haha! I hope my good friend Prof. Ambeth Ocampo does not get mad at me for my comments. But I really am hopeful that the NHI will declare San Miguel a National Historical Landmark soon;
Mekeni Tuki Ka! reaping rave reviews from Kapampangans abroad (11 Oct 06, Pampanga News) - Wow! Governor Mark Lapid thanked me for helping promote the Pampanga Tourism MTV and uploading it on Over 28,000 have viewed the video as of today;
Pampanga heritage supporter is 2006 'Unlad Pilipinas' winner (14 Sept 04, SunStar Pampanga)


  1. Anonymous22.11.06

    nakakabitin naman yung video. nage-end before mag number 1 sa countdown. hehe. very beautiful.

  2. Hehe! Medyo nga pero they turned off din the lantern bago pa mag-number 1. Supposedly kasi may deductions kasi sa score pag lumampas. Hehe! Hope you watch.

  3. This is awesome!
    Nice video.
    Definitely very high on my "must see" list!

  4. I hope you get to watch it next year. Were you able to shoot the lanterns being made?


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