Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pampanga: C' Italian Dining is simply superb!

We went to the 12th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta late Saturday afternoon hoping to see the night glow. But just like the hot air balloon events that morning, it did not push through since the winds were just too strong. People were joking it was all hot air but no balloons.

But that wasn't much of a setback since the highlight for the night was dinner at a by-reservation restaurant called C' Italian Dining, one of the best Italian restaurants not just in Angeles City but in the entire country. It was twice named Best Restaurant by the Philippine Tatler. We had a four-hour, 10-course dinner that night!

Chef Chris Locher prepared for us a special menu with the theme, "Chris, I'm hungry! Feed me!" And here is what we got: (1) panizza selection, served with arugula and alfalfa sprouts; (2) fine carved goose salami and tripo fino from the Piedmont presented with our special ricotta cheese enticed with lemon and virgin olive oil; (3) assorted garden green with balsamic cream; (4) spaghetti bottarga di tonno (a true gift from the gods)

(5) grouper fillet baked with virgin olive oil, tomatoes and fresh basil presented on white truffle oil enriched polenta and Italian broccoli; (6) wood fire roasted chicken with green baby asparagus; (7) pork shoulder braised with black olives and fennel served on butter whipped potatoes; (8) grilled Angus flank steak "the C' classic" served with whole artichokes; (9) lemon cheese cake and (10) chocolate panna cotta.

We were also given a wonderful white wine called Corvo Glicine right before the grouper fillet was served. I also got some kiwi and apricot-flavored Italian soda. It was no surprise that after dinner, we simply could not move!!! Indeed C' Italian Dining is worth the visit!

C' Italian Dining
Don Juico Avenue (Perimeter Road)
Brgy. Malabanas, Angeles City
+63 45 8924059
+63 45 8926993


  1. How much would the average check be per person? TNX

  2. Anonymous13.2.08

    Wow! Makes me even more proud to be Kapampangan :) Thanks for all your features on Angeles and San Fernando! You're considered an idol of many in my hometown for bringing pride to Pinoys and Pinoy lovers everywhere.

  3. @mari, average cost per head would be between P1000 to P1500. Chef Chris has a special 12-course menu, wines included, if you really want to splurge. He will close the whole restaurant for your group in fact. That will cost about P6000 per head

    @anonymous, thanks! :)

  4. ambassador,

    ginutom mo na naman ako!

  5. Anonymous16.2.08

    Mr. Ivan, kelan ka ulit punta sa Saipan?

  6. Well, that looks much more fun than looking at hot air balloons!

    You were in charming company...

    Twelve course menu seems a bit over the edge. ;-)

  7. Anonymous20.2.08

    interesting...the best italian resto in the looks really yum!

  8. Anonymous25.2.08

    looks great!!!

  9. yes, have been to C's several times when am in Clark and he has opened a small cafe inside Clark at the Bertha Industrial Park right beside the Mini Stop...know Chris and he is a superb Chef par excelance...just the Pannitza with bean sprouts and wrapped in lettuce is so glad superb cuisine is being available outside imperial Manila...have you tried the Sunday Buffets of Chef Aclay in Sagada? Look for him if your in Sagada, a French chef who was personal chef to the Sultan of Brunei but decided he wanted to be a native of Sagada thus his Kankanay name Aclay. Am new to this blog and you feature articles that have interested and done way back in the 70' and 80's as lived in Baguio for awhile and Pagudpud was still an empty beach and in Sagada, no lights and you traded with matches and salt to barter for artifacts. Still have my old limestone Anitos and personally signed photos of my late friend Eduardo Masferre. Yes, i still find the time, though not so often, to do Sunday trips outside nearby Manila and take images of still standing old houses and scenery...nature lover at heart...cum businessman. thanks for the interesting blog. fil

  10. mr.paul27.4.09

    well. I've been there all i can say is the food is superb, but the chef itself was not a nice person....I've heard he's saying bad words!! i think he's such a fake.!!

  11. Anonymous9.5.09

    I went Aclay's in Sagada several years ago for my birthday. We ordered our food 24 hours in advance to make sure they could order the chicken and have it prepared for my wife and I the evening of my birthday.

    We sat down to dinner and anticipated a great meal, only to be disappointed and the time it was taking to deliver our food. Finally someone came up to our table and apologized that one of the wait staff had accidentially delivered our food to another table and the other table had already eaten half of it. They said they did not have any more chicken and to come back the following day.

    Perhaps this chef should stay in Sagada and continue to train his staff on how a restaurant works.

    No alternative meal was offered, no compensation or free drink as a way to save their face. Nothing. Just sorry, you can leave now, why are you still here. thank you bye bye.

    Very disappointing....

  12. wabelle24.6.09

    hi ivan. my family has been trying to contact c' italian to make a reservation, but the numbers on your blog don't seem to work. a search on google returned similar results. do you have a different set of contact numbers for them? thank you so much.

  13. I just checked their recent magazine ad and the numbers are still the same. Did you use the area code (045)?

  14. Anonymous20.9.09

    This is really interesting, Italian food is my favorite cuisine.. I tried an italian restaurant in Davao City called Spirals. This restaurant was near the airport. Iwas absolutely the best Italian food I have ever tried in my life. You might want to research and check that out as well =) I cant really remember what I ordered but it was some sort of Pasta with Salmon and truffle oil.

  15. Anonymous20.9.09

    My mistake, the restaurant in Davao city is called Spirale Ristorante.

  16. Focaccia in A.Venue Makati is also serving Panizzas :)


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