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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lakbay Norte 3: 4x4 ride to Puning Hot Spring, Camalig Restaurant & Prado Farms in Pampanga

Now back to Lakbay Norte 3 and this long overdue post on Pampanga and Clark Freeport. From Subic Bay, we motored to Clark Freeport via the SCTEx and proceeded straight to Veranda Restaurant in Mimosa for a dinner hosted by the Clark Development Corporation.

Junior Family Suite at Hotel Vida
Driveway of Hotel Vida
After dinner, we checked-in at the Widus Resort and Casino (Hotel Vida) where we were given spacious and cozy Family Junior Suite rooms, perfect for our last night on Lakbay Norte 3. We were treated to a sumptuous breakfast spread the next day at their restaurant.

Our first activity for Day 8 was a visit to Puning Hot Spring. Mount Pinatubo may have wreaked havoc on Pampanga and Central Luzon. But its effects have become tourist attractions with the Mount Pinatubo trek to the crater lake, 4x4 rides through lahar fields, and spas that use the therapeutic benefits of the heat and sulfur from the volcano.

Puning Hot Spring is a perfect example of that, with therapeutic hot sulfuric water distributed to various pools in the complex, plus an exciting 4x4 ride through lahar canyons and streams to get there. Yes, the 4x4 ride is an attraction in itself. The pick-up point for the Puning Hot Spring experience is at Mini Stop near the Sapang Bato Gate of Clark. From there, it's about 45 minutes to reach the pool complex. But the adrenaline rush driving through steams, narrow canyons and lahar fields will greet you first.

Sulfur sand shower at Puning Hot Spring
After a dip in the warm pools, you hop back on your 4x4s to proceed to another facility for the sulfur sand shower, where you will be buried up to the neck under volcanic sand from Mt. Pinatubo. After 15 to 30 minutes, you take a cold shower and proceed to the lounge chairs for a sulfur mud pack all over your body. After the mud pack, it's another shower and then you're set to go home. Notice that the employees are local Aytas since the spa is actually part of their ancestral domain. And part of the agreement is that manpower will come from the local Aytas.

Doy's Kapampangan Delight at Camalig Restaurant
Back on the bus, we proceeded to the Historic Camalig Restaurant for Armando's Pizza. Of course, on the lunch spread was my favorite Doy's Kapampangan Delight (longganisa, salted eggs and pickle relish), All the Way, and Marco's Three Way.

Pathway between the theater and library (Photo from Prado Farms)
From Camalig, we proceeded back to the SCTEx for our trip to Prado Farms in Lubao, Pampanga. Although there's a Lubao Exit, the most convenient exit is actually Dinalupihan.

Pistou, Longganisang Guagua and Pandesal
Free Range Lechon stuffed with Duck and Herbs
Prado Farms is a former LPG facility that was converted into a bio-dynamic farm and charming activity venue, complete with function halls, a theater, and even its own hotel dormitory. It's perfect for workshops, retreats, reunions and other functions. We had merienda which included some Kapampangan favorites of the Gutierrez family which owns the facility such as Pistou (Ground Pork), Longganisang Guagua and Pandesal (from Apung Diung) and Free Range Lechon stuffed with Duck and Herbs. The duck that was stuffed in the belly of the lechon was used for the Duck Sotanghon Soup that was served later in the day.

Robinsons Starmills Pampanga
Our last stop before proceeding back to Manila was Robinsons Starmills Pampanga for some outlet shopping. Check out the photos of Lakbay Norte 3 at the Ivan About Town FB page. Also check out the video of LN3 Day 8.

Thank you to Lakbay Norte 3's corporate sponsors: North Philippines Visitors Bureau, Victory Liner, MNTC/NLEX, Department of Tourism, our fuel partner Petron, our bus wrap provider Elite Ads Corporation, creatives from ActivAsia, Blue Cross Insurance, onboard snacks and drinks courtesy of Universal Robina Corporation and Robinsons Land.

Widus Resort and Casino (Hotel Vida)
5400 Manuel A. Roxas Highway, Clark Freeport, Pampanga
Tel. No. +63 (45) 4991000; Fax No. +63 (45) 4990979

Puning Hot Spring
Sitio Target, Sapang Bato, Angeles City
Tel. No. +63 (45) 4990629, (920) 8664246 or (919) 3392795

Historic Camalig Restaurant
292 Sto. Rosario Street, Angeles City
Tel. No. +63 (45) 3225641 or 8881077

Prado Center for Renewal and Development (Prado Farms)
Gapan-Olongapo Road, Prado Siongco, Lubao, Pampanga
Tel. No. +63 (920) 9030964; E-mail:

Friday, March 12, 2010

How to get to Clark Airport from Dau Bus Station

Good news to Clark Airport travelers! An air-conditioned shuttle service has started operations at the Clark Airport or Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA). The DMIA shuttle service utilizes new and fully air-conditioned jeepneys of the Clark Special Economic Zone Transport Federation (CSEZTF).

The service plies the route from the DMIA to the Dau Bus Terminal in Mabalacat and vice versa with stops at the Clark Main Gate and SM City Clark. The fare is Php30 from the Clark Airport/DMIA to the Clark Main Gate and SM City Clark, and Php45 from the airport to the Dau Bus Terminal.

To get to other destinations around Clark, directions to/from Clark Airport to Metro Manila and North Philippines, and the bus schedules, read How to get to and from the Clark Airport which gives the complete details of transportation to Clark Airport.

Update: There is now a free shuttle bus service for AirAisa guests from Clark Airport to Marquee Mall and vice versa. Buses leave Marquee Mall at 09:00, 10:20, 13:00, 15:00, 16:30 and 19:00 arriving in Clark Airport after 20 to 30 minutes. Buses leave Clark Airport for Marquee Mall at 10:00, 11:00, 14:30, 16:00 and 17:40. Another free shuttle is for Dau Bus Station, leaving Clark Airport at 21:20. For more information, contact Victory Liner at +63(2) 5597735 or

Monday, February 15, 2010

Clark: Day 3 of the 15th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

After watching Day 1 of the 15th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, I found myself back for Day 3 for our Ultimate Philippines tour.

Our bus left Makati at 3 a.m. and we we're in Clark a little before 5 a.m. It may seem early but it was just right since people were already starting to arrive. In fact, just a few minutes after, crowds started to enter the venue and the ticket line stretched all the way to the street!

It wasn't as sunny as the first day but it was a great show nonetheless. Just like Day 1, the hot air balloons were gone by 7 a.m. After exploring the grounds, we left for breakfast.

And just like last year, we had breakfast at C' Italian Dining. While the restaurant opens at 11 a.m., Chef Chris always makes an exception every year for our group.

On the menu this year was (1) wood fire-baked angus steak with roasted onion, tomatoes and fresh australian mushrooms, (2) fine carved honey-baked ham with fresh sage, (3) crispy bacon with golden crisp potato, (3) Italian sausage braised in pomodoro sauce with asiago cheese, (4) smoked cherry snapper fillet with cucumber garlic dip (5) freshly baked pancake with maple syrup, (6) Italian fritatta with fresh herbs and cheese, (7) freshly baked assorted breads, (8) assorted jams and butter, and (9) orange, grape and tomato juice. Yummy!

On the way to Clark, I noticed Ayala's Marquee Mall which looked quite interesting. Next week, when I go back home to Pampanga, I plan to visit Ayala's Marquee Mall in Angeles City.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Clark: Day 1 of the 15th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

The 15th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta kicked-off last Thursday. It's one of those festivals which get people up really early since the hot air balloons are all gone by 7 a.m. Well, it got me up before the rooster did!

I was in the Clark Freeport shortly before 6 a.m. and the parking lot was already full. And to think it was Thursday. I could just imagine the crowd tomorrow when I go back for Day 3.

The reason they do it really early in the morning is because the weather conditions are usually best at that time for the hot air balloons to fly. While there are so many other activities and exhibitions during the day, the highlight of the festival are the balloons no doubt.

After the flag ceremony where paratroopers from the Philippine Military bring down the Philippine flag from the sky, the hot air balloons are inflated. It takes quite a while. They have to fill it up first with cool air using a fan. And one it takes shape, they pump in warm air using flares.

It's fun seeing the balloons in various shapes. For the 2010 Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, there was one shaped like a beer bottle. Another was Old MacDonald's Farm. There was a yellow sun with a smiling face. And yet another was shaped like a turtle.

If you missed yesterday and today, you still have the weekend to catch the colorful hot air balloons. You have to be in the Clark Freeport in Pampanga by 5:30 a.m. if you want a good spot to watch these hot air balloons take off. So it's best to leave Manila by 3:30 a.m.

I noticed in this year's schedule that they have hot air balloon flights in the afternoon of Saturday. A spectacle you should also check out is the weekend night glow activity during sunset when the balloons are lit up like giant light bulbs with the flares.

Many people ask if you can ride the hot air balloons. Well, don't count on it. It's difficult to get a slot. Make that close to impossible. You can opt for the stationary hot air balloon which takes you up in the air up to about 50 feet. But that's just about it. Entrance fee to the festival for this year is Php150 per head. Here's the 2010 schedule.

Anyway, time to troop to Ayala's Marquee Mall!

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Pampanga: 15th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

The 15th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta will be held in Clark Freeport, Pampanga from February 11 to 14, 2010. And just like in the previous years, Ultimate Philippines will be organizing a grand tour, complete with a sumptuous breakfast at C' Italian Dining, and visits to Abe's Farm and Nurture Spa in Magalang, Pampanga on February 13, 2010.

C' Italian Dining usually opens in time for lunch. But for our Ultimate Philippines tour, we requested Chef Chris Locher to serve breakfast for us. Chef Chris mentioned last year's tour was the first time he was served breakfast. And he sure did not fail to impress. This year won't be an exception.

This year, we're bringing back the visit to Nurture Spa in Abe's Farm. So after waking up really early in the morning, and stuffing yourself silly with great Italian food, expect to be pampered at Nurture Spa! So what are you waiting for? Book now at or contact my tokayo, Ivan Man Dy at +63 917 3291622. We only have 30 slots!

Here are some of the highlights of the 2010 Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta:

February 11 (Thu)
Hot Air Balloon Flight (5:30-7 a.m.)
Hot Air Balloon Fly-In (5-6 p.m.)

February 12 (Fri)

Hot Air Balloon Flight (5:30-7 a.m.)
Hot Air Balloon Flights (5:30-6 p.m.)

February 13 (Sat)

Hot Air Balloon Flight (5:30-7 a.m.)
Hot Air Balloon Flight (5:45-6:15 p.m.)
Hot Air Balloon Night Glow (6:45-7:30 p.m.)
Annual Aviators Ball and Awards Night (7:40 p.m. onwards)

February 14 (Sun)

Hot Air Balloon Flight (5:30-7 a.m.)
Hot Air Balloon Night Glow (5:30-6:45 p.m.)

Here is the detailed schedule of events of the 15th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

North Philippines: Best pizza restaurants north of Metro Manila

Pizza is one of my personal favorites. Those who know me should know this fact very well. So I'm compiling a list of my favorite pizza places outside Metro Manila beginning with North Philippines.

Clark Freeport & Angeles City

C' Italian Dining (1210 Don Juico Avenue, Angeles City; +63 45 8924059) is known for the panizza. C' Italian Dining had already been serving these sumptuous pizzas rolled with arugula and alfalfa long before Yellow Cab came out with Dear Darla. And there's no way you can compare the taste! The C' panizza is the best!

The best sellers are Don Carmelo: spicy chorizo, anchovies, thyme and pecorino cheese; Kristina: bacon, ham, caramelized onion, sun dried tomatoes and mushrooms; and Saint Jacques: scallop flakes, shrimp, sun dried tomatoes and chili flakes.

Historic Camalig Restaurant (292 Sto. Rosario Street, Angeles City; +63 45 3225641 or 8881077) is the home of Armando's Pizza. My personal favorite is Doy's Kapampangan: longganisa, ebun buru (salted duck egg), onion & pickle relish. Their newest offering is Marco's 3-Way: sun-dried tomatoes & kesong puti plus a choice of either tuyo, tinapa or chicken adobo. Then there's Mexican Medley: shredded chicken breast (sauteed in hot pepper & pizza sauce), fresh tomato & spring onion. Another personal favorite is the classic Armando's Best: same toppings as All The Way, but with extra peperoni, double ground beef, double green pepper, double mushroom & extra Canadian bacon.

Didi's Pizza (MacArthur Highway, Balibago, Angeles City; + 63 45 8921184) serves a very Filipino-flavored pizza if you know what I mean. My personal favorite is the Combination: mushroom, salami, pepperoni, green pepper and onions.

Salvatore's Ristorante (300 Fields Avenue, Balibago, Angeles City; +63 45 8920484) serves good Italian pizza as well. Their best seller is Italian De Luxe: salami, pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushroom, green bell pepper, onion, black olives. While the toppings of Italian De Luxe are mixed together, another flavor called Combination has Vegetarian on one side, and Meat Lovers on the other half.

Sub-Delicious (298 Fields Avenue, Balibago, Angeles City; +63 45 8921999 or 8926667) serves pizzas as large as 28-inches. Flavors include Super Meaty: pepperoni, sausage and hamburger; and Pizza Italiano: pepperoni, ham, and salami.

Subic Bay Freeport & Olongapo City

Xtremely Expresso (1 Dewey Avenue cor. Sta. Rita Street, Subic Bay Freeport; +63 047 2523681) serves the 22-inch Big Ben: pepperoni, sausage, bacon, beef, garlic, onion, peppers, mushrooms, black olives and two kinds of cheese. Other pizzas include Spanish Sardines, Chicken Pesto, Chicken & Peanut, Corned Beef, and Spicy Salmon.

Sam's Pizza (44 Magsaysay Avenue, Olongapo City; +63 47 2223686) is an Olongapo institution. Their best-seller is Sam's Special: pepperoni, Philippine sausage, mushrooms, green pepper, onion, bacon, Italian sausage and cheese. I remember having Chicken Teriyaki before but they no longer have it.

La Union

Olives Restaurant (Thunderbird Resort, Poro Point, La Union; +63 72 8887777) serves delicious wood-fired pizzas. Their best seller is Four Cheese: goat, parmesan, feta and mozzarella cheese. My personal favorite is Quattro Stagioni: kalamata olives, artichoke hearts, parma ham, fresh mushrooms. Also try the Spicy Sausage, Roasted Peppers, Mozarrella & Oregano Pizza or the Smoked Salmon & Mushroom Pizza: smoked salmon, fresh mushrooms, tomato sprinkled with oregano and cheese.

Ilocos Norte

Herencia Cafe (MacArthur Street, Bgy. 14, Sangladan, Paoay; +63 77 6140214) serves the famous Pinakbet Pizza: sitaw (string beans), ampalaya (bitter gourd), okra, talong (egg plant), patani (lima beans), kamatis (tomaotes), sili (chili), and labanos (radish). They also serve Bagnet Pizza: bagnet, onions, and basil; and Dinuguan Pizza: dinuguan, crispy pork, and chili.

Saramsam Restaurant (N. Corpuz Building, Rizal cor. Hizon Streets, Barangay 7-A, Laoag City; +63 77 7715825) also serves Ilocano-inspired pizzas. Their specialty is Poque-Poque Pizza which is topped with poque-poque, an Ilocano eggplant dish: eggplant, tomatoes, onions ang egg. They also have the Dinardaraan Pizza: dinuguan topped with green chili peppers; Longaniza Pizza topped with the local Laoag longaniza; and the Carbonara Pizza topped with Currimao oysters.


Casa Napoli (Abad Street, Brgy. Kaychanarianan, Basco; +63 927 7583370) serves pizzas with mozzarella cheese all the way in Batanes. Nothing really fancy about the pizzas but being in Basco, it's a novelty.

I'm sure there are more such as those in Baguio City, so please list them down by commenting below. I'll try to visit them when I can and add to this list.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Pampanga: News from the 1st Annual Clark Freeport Horse Festival

We were in Clark last November 28 to attend the opening of the 1st Annual Clark Freeport Horse Festival. The day started with a parade from El Kabayo to the Clark Parade Grounds. Among the guests were Asian Games gold medalist Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski and Senator Juan Miguel Zubiri.

In the afternoon, there was a polo exhibition match also at the parade grounds. We missed the equestrian event and tilbury races the next day but I'm sure that was fun too.

Watch out for next year's festival since they will introduce a rodeo event as well. In fact, Sen. Zubiri had already pledged to send in a delegation from Bukidnon for the rodeo of next year's Clark Horse Fest.

Around Clark: Rodizio Rooftop Grill at Holiday Inn Clark

Clark and the area around it is a haven for international cuisine. Holiday Inn Clark has three restaurants worth dining in. One of my favorites is Rodizio Rootop Grill, a Brazilian barbecue or churrascaria restaurant.

Rodizio is actually the term for the style of restaurant service in Brazilian and Portuguese restaurants where you pay a fixed price and the waiters bring the food to your table until you signify that you've had enough. While churrascaria refers to the cooking style or barbecue. Waiters come to the your table with knives and a skewer, on which are speared local cuts of beef, pork, or chicken among others.

The meats were really great. And there is also awide selection of salads and desserts. And who said they only serve Brazilian? They also mave a Mongolian barbecue with ingredients that include baby scallops, squid Norway and peeled shrimps aside from the usual fare. The buffet lunch at Rodizio is Php790++ and dinner is Php990++

Rodizio Rooftop Grill
Holiday Inn Hotel Rooftop
Mimosa Leisure Estate
Clark Freeport
+63 45 5998000 loc. 1317

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Pampanga: 1st Annual Clark Freeport Horse Festival Calendar of Events

Pampanga will be full of festivals and events this November and December. And the list keeps on growing! Mark your calendars for Horse Fest 2009: 1st Annual Clark Freeport Horse Festival from November 28 to 29, 2009.

It will be an event-filled weekend (it's a four day long-weekend from November 27 to 30, 2009) for serious horse enthusiasts, families and regular visitors. There will be polo matches and equestrian competitions as well as tilbury races.

Try out the Next Frontier Trail Ride, a 4 to 5-hour horse ride that goes through the Sacobia River and its outlying hills. There will also be carriage rides, magic and puppet shows, family games and contests at the Trade & Food Fair, free lessons on feeding and grooming of horses, and free lessons on basic horse riding (for kids only).

What's more, check out the Great Clark 3-Day Sale happening at various establishments within Clark Freeport and selected establishments outside, from November 28 to 30, 2009. Below is a tentative schedule of major events:

November 28 (Saturday)
9:15 a.m. - Grand Parade (from El Kabayo towards Clark Parade Grounds)
10 a.m. to 8 p.m. - Trade & Food Fair
1 to 2 p.m. - Polo Competition (Clark Parade Grounds)
3 to 5 p.m. - Equestrian Competition (Clark Picnic Grounds)
8 p.m. - Grand Fireworks Display

November 29 (Sunday)
8 to 10 a.m. - Equestrian Competition (Clark Picnic Grounds)
8 a.m. to 8 p.m. - Trade & Food Fair
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. - Tilbury Races (Speedway Venue)
4 to 6 p.m. - Equestrian Competition (Clark Picnic Grounds)

November 30 (Monday)
8:00 a.m. to 12 noon - Trade & Food Fair

This event is hosted by the Clark Development Corporation (CDC), Greater Clark Visitors Bureau (GCVB) and the Clark Freeport Tourism Association (CFTA).

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Pampanga: Things to do in Clark Freeport and Pampanga

Clark Airport has become a major international gateway of the Philippines. Now people are asking, what's there to do in Clark? So I've come up with a list of Top 10 things to do while in Clark Freeport and Pampanga!

1. Eat Kapampangan!
You haven't been to Pampanga if you haven't savored its food. Pampanga's capital San Fernando, just 20 minutes from Clark, is home to Everybody's Cafe where everyday Kapampangan food is as exotic as it can get. Angeles City is the birthplace of sisig and make sure you taste the original at Aling Lucing's. The sisig at Mely's (San Fernando) and Mila's (Angeles) is also worth the visit. At the Historic Camalig Restaurant, Kapampangan pizza is topped with longaniza, salted duck eggs, and pickle relish.

The halo-halo in Pampanga is also suberb! There are three distinct varieties: Guagua (Razon's), Arayat (Kabigting's and Jurado's), and Angeles (Corazon's). There's also a row of kambingans (or goat restaurants) in the Bayanihan Park area (unfortunately, Mila's where Claude Tayag brought Anthony Bourdain, has temporarily closed shop). But Aryln's and its several branches will definitely not disappoint. Also check out the barbeque at Junjun's and Nathaniel's puto pao and buko pandan.

Speaking of Claude Tayag, you might want to bring a group to have lunch at his house Bale Dutung. But it won't be that easy. Finally, if you're willing to drive to the foot of Mt. Arayat, there is Abe's Farm, owned by the LJC Group of Restaurants of the late Larry Cruz.

2. Shop 'til you drop
There may just be a few of them left. But it's still worth shopping around for the best imported bargains. Lest we forget, Clark was the PX center of the country before imported stuff found its way to our supermarkets and department stores.

3. Go horseback-riding along the Sacobia River
One of the activities in Clark is horseback riding at El Kabayo Riding Stables. While you can take the horse around the area, if you are adventurous and up to the task, why not go for a ride down to the Sacobia River and enjoy the lahar canyons created by the Mt. Pinatubo eruption?

4. Take a dip at Puning Hot Spring
For PHP3,000, you can enjoy a visit to the Puning Hot Spring, complete with treatments. The price includes simple lunch, the 4x4 ride from Garden Restaurant to the hot spring and back, entrance fees to the hot spring and use of the facilities, sand steam (that's where they bury you up to the neck under volcanic sand), body mud pack, and a foot massage.

One of the attractions of the place is a steaming hot waterfall. The water in the stream was close to 90 degrees Celsius. And they divert some of the water into various pools with different temperatures ranging from 40 to 70 degrees Celsius. There are eight hot pools and one cold pool. So if one pool is too hot for you, you can take a dip in the next one.

5. Fly over Mt. Pinatubo
We all know about the trek to Mount Pinatubo via Capas, Tarlac. But have you ever wondered how Mount Pinatubo looks from the sky? Thanks to the Mount Pinatubo Sky Tour of Omni Aviation in Clark Freeport, you can now do that at a very reasonable price.

It's PHP4,500 per head, regardless of the number of people who'll fly. That's because they have different sizes of planes. So if you're just alone, they can send you up on a two-seater Cessna 152 plane which I took.

6. Try the international cuisine along Fields and Don Juico Avenues
I already mentioned local Kapampangan food. But the Clark area is a mecca for international cuisine. And Fields Avenue brings you around the world with its international restaurants. Among my favorites are C' Italian Dining, Zapata's (Mexican), VFW, AC Rumpa and Subdelicious (American), Cottage Kitchen (Cajun/Creole), Red Sea (Lebanese), Hana-mi (Japanese)... the list is endless! There's even a Korea Town along Friendship Highway.

Maranao Grill in Oasis Hotel has the RST Buffet every Friday. RST stands for roast beef, roast lamb, sushi, sashimi and tempura. Inside Clark, Mequeni Cafe in Holiday Inn whips up one mean buffet as well. I tried their lunch buffet once and it's worth more than the price.

Now obviously, you can't eat at all these places in one day since that would be gluttony! So why not stay another day?

7. Do a museum and architectural heritage tour of Pampanga
Clark has a historical core from the days of Fort Stotsenberg and Clark Air Base. You can also start your tour in Angeles City at the Center for Kapampangan Studies in Holy Angel University for an introduction of the province. Then head on over to Museo ning Angeles, the Angeles Church, Pamintuan Mansion and the Founders' House. Take a calesa around old San Fernando, a treasure trove of ancestral mansions. Make sure you also visit the San Fernando Cathedral and the churches of Betis (a National Cultural Treasure), Bacolor, Lubao, Minalin, and San Luis to complete your visita iglesia of the province.

8. Swim in Mount Pinatubo's crater lake
Clark is relatively near Barangay Sta. Juliana, Capas, Tarlac. So another must do activity when staying in Clark is to trek to the crater lake of Mount Pinatubo to take a dip. Also check out the Pinatubo Spa Town.

9. Play golf at Clark's many golf courses
Take your pick! There are golf courses in Mimosa, Fontana and Clearwater to suit your golf needs.

10. Try your luck at the casino
If you're a high-roller or just looking for some fun, the Clark area has several casinos including Casino Filipino Angeles, Casino Filipino Mimosa, Fontana Casino and Hotel Stotsenberg's Casablanca Casino.

11. Go wakeboarding!
This one is coming soon! But I'm putting it in the list anyway so that we have something to look forward to. No need to drive all the way to Camarines Sur to enjoy world-class wake boarding since the Philippine Tourism Authority is said to be building a wakeboarding facility in Clark.

Here's more to do in Pampanga...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Around Clark: Mt. Pinatubo Sky Tour at Omni Aviation

We all know about the trek to Mount Pinatubo via Capas, Tarlac. But have you ever wondered how Mount Pinatubo looks from the sky? Thanks to the Mount Pinatubo Sky Tour of Omni Aviation in Clark Freeport, you can now do that at a very reasonable price.

It's PHP4,500 per head, regardless of the number of people who'll fly. That's because they have different sizes of planes. So if you're just alone, they can send you up on a two-seater Cessna 152 plane which I took.

The best time to take the flight is early in the morning (at 7 or 8 a.m.) or late in the afternoon. Omni Aviation usually operates from sunrise to sunset so you won't have a problem being too early. You should avoid taking the flight close to noontime since the sun's heat creates pockets of air turbulence that make the ride bumpy. And that is something you'd like to avoid.

But rest assured, the view above the crater is magnificent! Make sure it's also a clear day since you wouldn't want to get disappointed when you're above the crater. While they accept walk-ins, it's best to call to find out if a flight is possible.

Mt. Pinatubo Sky Tour
Omni Aviation (Clark)
+63 (45) 8926664
+63 (45) 5995524
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