Sunday, March 02, 2008

Cavite: Bulalo in Tagaytay is available 24 hours a day

One of those rare times I got to go out. I've been so busy with school, I haven't been able to travel. Poor me! That's why the few hours that I got to go out last Saturday night was a breath of fresh air.

I had dinner with brods at Brittany Bay in Sucat. We had pizza and Czech beer at Grappa's before transferring to Dencio's for more beer, sisig and sari-saring sinugba. We transferred back to Grappa's for even more Czech beer until a weird idea came up. And we ended up having coffee in Tagaytay!

But I guess the highlight of the evening was the bulalo we had at 3 a.m. served at a 24-hour restaurant called GreenATS. Yes folks, bulalo is available in Tagaytay City 24 hours a day!


  1. Work hard... play hard!
    Good luck with studies!

  2. The best bulalo from the freshest beef!

  3. @sidney, Thanks!

    @kegler747, great bulalo indeed!

  4. Anonymous13.3.08

    hmmm.. hot soup.... soft meat....cholesterol laden marrow....:)

  5. Anonymous16.6.09

    Can I ask where is this in Tagaytay located? Thanks!


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