Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Manila: UP Diliman is a showcase of art and architecture

The University of the Philippines is celebrating its centennial this year. I have always wanted to rediscover the Diliman campus and appreciate it in a different light. So I took time out one afternoon to take a stroll around.

Few people realize that UP Diliman is actually a treasure trove of architectural delights and works of art. Around campus, masterpieces of many renowned artists and architects go unnoticed. So I had my Sony Ericsson K850i handy to document my trip around the Diliman Republic.

I started my walk in Quezon Hall, the administration building of UP, designed by Juan Nakpil, National Artist for Architecture and a pioneer of Modern Philippine architecture. He is also credited for creating landmarks around the Academic Oval such as the Carillon which continues to bring music to the Diliman campus after 50 years of existence and Gonzalez Hall, the university’s main library.

Benitez Hall
, home to the College of Education; and Malcolm Hall which hosts the College of Law were designed by another renowned architect Juan Arellano.

In front of Quezon Hall is an immortal masterpiece and an undying symbol of the University of the Philippines, The Oblation by Guillermo Tolentino.

From there, I proceeded to another prominent structure, the UP Chapel. And thanks to the decades-old acacia trees which lined the Academic Oval and the cool afternoon breeze, walking to it was refreshing and relaxing.

Part 2: UP Chapel and the Church of the Risen Lord
Part 3: More art and architecture from UP Diliman


  1. Oh yes. Lovely UP. How it breaks my heart to realize I'm leaving the Sanggumay dorm by the end of the month. =(

    Loved your photos.

  2. such a great place to learn.

  3. @lornadahl, I was a dormer too. I stayed in Kalayaan and Molave.

    @travelphilippines, indeed it's such a great place to learn.

  4. Hi Ivan. Juan Nakpil only designed the Admin, Main Lib and Palma Hall Annex buildings, as well as the Carillon. However, I think it may have been Cesar Concio who designed the Educ and Law buildings as it was most definitely not my grandfather who did. Just to correct a mis-impression. Thanks for featuring his work! Debbie Nakpil-Rodrigo

  5. Anonymous11.1.09

    Juan Arellano designed edu n law, the first two buildings of a complex of at least eight planned (all of the units of the UP were to be transferred to Diliman including Medicine). He designed the two before the war and they were completed in 1941. The UP master plan was completed in 1940 by British born American planner architect Harry Frost from an initial scheme by William E Parsons prepared in late 1939 before he died. Assiting Frost were Juan Arellano, landscape architect Louis P. Croft and Engineer AD Williams of the Bureau of Public Works.

  6. Thanks Paulo! I'll make the corrections.

  7. Wow, I stayed in Kalayaan and is crrently in Molave. Great blog!


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