Saturday, October 18, 2008

Manila: Mario's in Tomas Morato

Last month, I had a great dinner at Mario's in Baguio. Originally located on Session Road (it burned down about a decade ago), it's one of the city's restaurant icons, and is known for its great steaks, wines and Casear's salad. The new branch is now located along Upper Session Road near Nevada Square.

That's why when I got invited to a blogger's dinner at Mario's Tomas Morato, I didn't think twice. Fil Benitez, the son of the owners Mario and Nenuca Benitez wanted to introduce us to his new concept "Cordillera hip dining" at the very cozy Tomas Morato branch, hoping to bring the original Baguio charm of Mario's to the lowlands of Metro Manila.

Appetizers were ready for consumption as soon as I arrived including a large tray of Oysters Rockefeller, setas al ajillo and gambas con chorizo. We made sure to start the meal with Mario's popular Caesar's salad which is prepared right in front of you.

For the main course, I got myself filet mignon this time around. In Baguio, I tried their chateaubriand steak (heart of tenderloin) which is good for two and served with fettuccine alburo. The rest of the bloggers tried out the other steaks and Paella Valenciana. I made sure to order mango jubilee for dessert! They have a buffet menu on Sundays and that's something I want to try out since the food at Mario's is surprisingly affordable.

In the photo is owner Fil Benitez with Toni of Wifely Steps, myself, Spanky of Manila Boy and Stephie of The Happy Girl.


  1. Anonymous12.11.08

    It would be a good service to those who invited you for a meal to at least enter their address and contact info on the blog so interested readers could patronize the establishments.

  2. If you read my entry again, the addresses are there. Even the title has the address! Mario's is along Tomas Morato. While the Baguio branch, as I mentioned, is now in Upper Session Road, near Nevada Square.

  3. Here are the exact addresses if the information in my post is not enough:

    191 Tomas Morato Ave. cor. Scout Gandia, Quezon City
    (02) 372-0360

    16 Upper Session Road Extension, Baguio City
    (074) 442-4554, (074) 442-4241, (074) 442-7445

  4. Anonymous12.11.08

    You have to realize that many of your readers are not very familiar with Manila or the Philippines. Thanks!

  5. Yup, but Tomas Morato and Upper Session Road is enough information for the hotel lobby or a taxi driver to bring you to the place. Anyway, I'll keep that in mind next time:)

  6. Anonymous2.9.09

    Ivan, this is marit, from Molave. I'd advise u to use the macro feature on ur camera and incandescent lighting. Hold the flash. :)


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