Tuesday, October 21, 2008

One blogger can win two SEAIR Adventure Passes and more!

If you're a blogger (and that includes Multiply, Friendster, etc.) you can give a 15 percent discount on SEAIR tickets to your readers and get a chance to win two SEAIR Adventure Passes by joining the SEAIR Bloggers Referral Program.

1. This referral program is open to all bloggers. Each blogger must sign-up for the competition by e-mailing the following details to bloggerpromo@flyseair.com:

2. After sending the e-mail, please wait for a confirmation which will include a referral/promotion code. Processing of referral code may take up to one week. The organizers reserve the right to refuse any application.

3. Bloggers will be able to offer a 15 percent discount to their readers via their referral code that will be unique to each blogger. One blogger, one code regardless of how many blogs a blogger has. Bloggers can also promote their code via e-mail, text or any other communication medium. Please see Terms & Conditions of SEAIR Fly Voucher for details on the referral code.

4. The program period is from 12:00 a.m., October 20, 2008 to 12:00 a.m., December 15, 2008.

5. Bloggers must blog about the SEAIR discount and tell their readers to use their referral code when doing an online booking in the SEAIR. Do not forget a link to the SEAIR website: http://www.flyseair.com where they can book a flight using the referral code.

6. Each blogger will receive one (1) point for every round-trip ticket which is booked and issued online using the blogger's promo code.

7. The selling period is the same as the program period while the flight dates covered by the discount will be from October 20, 2008 to February 14, 2009.

8. After 12:00 a.m. of December 15, 2008, the points will be tallied. The bloggers with the top five scores will be awarded SEAIR gift certificates provided they have at least fifteen (15) points.

9. The prizes are as follows:
1st Place - Two (2) Adventure Passes
2nd Place - Two (2) round-trip gift certificate to Batanes, Busuanga or Boracay
3rd to 5th Place - One (1) round-trip gift certificate to Boracay

10. Winners must be able to provide a valid government issued photo ID to claim their prize. Names in the registration must match the one in the identification.

1. SEAIR Fly Voucher may only be redeemed through online booking
2. Voucher value is redeemed by entering its Code at the appropriate box in the website, www.flyseair.com
3. Offer expires after the given period of the voucher validity
4. Travel period should be within the period identified in the voucher
5. Voucher value will be deducted from the basic airfare
6. An error prompt will be shown if voucher value exceeds the airfare amount made during the booking
7. Minimum number of passenger per booking may be required unless specified in the voucher
8. Voucher may not be used in conjunction with other offers such as special fares and any other promo
9. Discount is not valid for Leisure Escape Packages or any packages offered by partner resorts or travel agents.
10. Standard terms and conditions of the fare and ticket rules will be followed
11. If there will be any cancellation or changes in the booking made, refund of the discount or any reinstatement of the promotion is not allowed
12. Voucher may not be exchanged for cash value
13. SEAIR has the right to cancel the promo code voucher at any time without prior notice


  1. Anonymous22.10.08

    hi ivan,

    thanks for this post!

  2. Sounds like a reasonable deal. Thanks for posting!


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