Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ilocos Norte: Mairaira Cove (Blue Lagoon) in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

Mairaira Cove or Blue Lagoon in Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte is one of the best beaches in Luzon. A little further north from touristy Saud Beach, its immaculate blue waters entice visitors for a swim. We arrived in Mairara Cove just in time for dinner at the Kapuluan Vista Resort where we were staying for the night.

On the buffet menu was a bevy of grilled dishes. But the highlight of dinner was kalua pig (pork roasted the traditional Hawaiian in a makeshift underground oven).

The next morning, we walked over to Blue Lagoon which was five-minutes from the resort. The sand was soft and the waves were a bit strong. Being a holiday, there were a good number of visitors. There were also some surfers riding the swells further away from the beach.

Mairaira Cove is a popular haunt for surfers. In fact, the resort offered surfing lessons. If we weren't leaving early, I would have taken surfing lessons for an hour or two. At least we were blessed this weekend with sunshine amidst this weird summer weather.

After packing our bags, we went back on the road and drove further north to the Patapat Viaduct for a photo opportunity. From there, it was back south to Laoag City.

Kapuluan Vista Resort
(0920) 9522528


  1. Madami ng tao? i was there 5 years ago. Nothing but several huts and fishermen and the beautiful beach.

  2. Naku! May isang resort dun na mukhang low-cost housing village! I was hoping they'd put a bit of aesthetics.

  3. But it's still a beautiful beach. And there are beautiful resorts such as Kapuluan.

  4. Ang ganda naman ng blog mo. Puro travel adventures!

  5. spent the new year at Kapuluan, really had a great time! The owners are such a friendly and accommodating couple plus the food was really great! Really worth the long trip going there.

  6. Anonymous29.1.10

    maganda tlaga jan...super kya lng d ko p mxado maapreciate dati nung ako jan sa laoag.but now,as in super ganda pala now ko lng narealize..keep posting.......

  7. Anonymous3.4.13

    Surfed near Badoc Resort, which is surrounded by controversy, who owns what, bad management, selfish Aussie surfers treating the local surfers badly, catering to Aussies and other paying customers. Heard bad things, but surfed where I wanted, never got in any trouble with anyone, and from what I heard the people in question have left the area. Not sure what the scene is now, but there are plenty of friendly people up there south of Laoag who will counsel you for your best surfing adventure options.


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