Monday, May 11, 2009

Ilocos Norte: Pinakbet Pizza, Dinuguan Pizza, Poque-Poque Pizza and more Ilocano pizzas

Pinakbet Pizza, ever heard of that? After the Kapampangan pizza at the Camalig (Doy's Delight is topped with longaniza, salted eggs and pickle relish), comes an even longer list of Ilocano pizzas. And we got to taste several of them at two restaurants in Ilocos Norte.

In front of the Paoay Church is Herencia Cafe which first served the Pinakbet Pizza, topped with your usual pinakbet vegetables. We also got to try the Bagnet Pizza which is crispy bagnet or lechon kawali (chicharon as they sometimes refer to it in Ilocos) on a pizza, and the Dinuguan Pizza (dinuguan with crispy bagnet).

Further north is Saramsam Restaurant in Laoag. Their specialty is the Poque-Poque Pizza which is topped with poque-poque or poki-poki, an Ilocano eggplant dish (combination of eggplant, tomatoes, onions ang egg). This is really good!

We also got to try Dinardaraan Pizza, their version of the Dinuguan Pizza, which is dinuguan topped with green chili peppers. Another of my favorites is the Longaniza Pizza topped with the local Laoag longaniza. They also have Carbonara Pizza topped with Currimao oysters. But I was not able to try that out.

There are actually more pizzas to choose from but of foreign influence. So you could just try them out when you're there. These Ilocano pizzas are superb!


  1. hi ivan,

    those are really must-try pizza variations! makes me wanna go back up north again for that food feast at Herencia Cafe and Saramsam Resto!

  2. Great finds. I want to try Dinuguan pizza. =)

  3. Yeah, those pizzas were great! I wonder if I could convince Camalig to come out with Sisig Pizza or even Aligue (taba ng talangka) Pizza, Camaro Pizza! Hehe!

  4. Anna Maria M. Gonzales12.5.09

    My goodness! Totoo nga! The other day I was just joking about Pinakbet pizza.

  5. Blessie Aquino Pyper12.5.09

    yes its true, seen it on tv :>

  6. whoever thought of this is a mad, gourmet genius. haha!

  7. Anonymous22.10.09

    You can find more information about Saramsam Restaurant including their menu at their webpage -

  8. Watch for the (re)Opening of Herencia Restaurant,the birthplace of the original "Pinakbet Pizza", Paoay, in front of the UNESCO Heritage St. Augustine Church, Paoay, Ilocos Norte, Philippines.

  9. Watch out for the opening of Herencia Restaurant, the birthplace of the original "Pinakbet Pizza".


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