Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Manila: You Jie Xiao Chao Chinese restaurant near Rockwell

There's a rumor going around about this really good restaurant with no signage near Rockwell, a hole in the wall if you may, that serves authentic Chinese food from Hunan Province. Well, it's true!

It was hard finding the restaurant since it really did not have any signage. But this unpretentious nook called You Jie Xiao Chao Chinese Food (I had to ask someone to write this down for me in Pinyin since their card is in Chinese) serves really great Hunan cuisine! This restaurant is located at 6404 Camia Street near the Barangay Hall of Guadalupe Viejo. And the only distinguishing mark is the house number 6404.

Originally, they only had a menu in Chinese. But now, they have two photo albums where you can point your order to the staff.

We tried out the Hot Pot Duck which is a bit on the spicy side but really good (Php350), Steamed Dumplings which you can also have fried (Php120), Chinese Pizza which is actually an egg pancake (Php60), Fried Pork Ribs (Php240) and Steamed Pork (Php200). And the best part is that for Php20, the steamed rice is unlimited!

You Jie Xiao Chao Chinese Food
6404 Camia Street, Guadalupe Viejo, Makati City
+63 915 4252972
+63 927 7876999

Correction: It's food from Hunan Province not Yunnan Province. Thanks!


  1. Kris Lee4.11.09

    I'm definitely going to pay this one a visit. Thanks for the info.

    There's also an authentic chinese restaurant near shaw blvd in mandaluyong called Su Zhou (pronounced as Soo Tsow). It is named after the chinese province from where its unique dishes hail. If you're gonna check the place out, you won't go wrong with these items: Sliced Steamed Beef (5 star!), Kuchay Dumplings, Chinese Pancakes, Dried Tofu with Pork, and Eggplant w/ Minced Pork, and Vegetable Rice. You can't get many of the items in their menu from other more 'conventional' chinese joints in town.

  2. Nice! directions please! for both You Jie Xiao chao and Su Zhou. Thanks :)

  3. Yeah directions will be much appreciated will definitely go hunting for this one!

    @Kris Lee
    I know that place. But it specializes in Cantonese dishes. Its near shaw. Just inside little baguio. Its our favorite place to get xiao long pao.

  4. thanks Ivan! This is a great find! :)

  5. Camia is the street parallel to Estrella. From Estrella coming from EDSA, just make a right at the intersection after the traffic light to cross to Camia.

  6. Another interesting find!

    Thanks for giving the directions. Will hunt this soon! :-)

  7. sarap nung fried pork ribs.. a must try!

  8. thank you for posting this one! after being in Beijing a couple of months ago, we sure had some chinese food cravings.

    definitely authentic! anghang! hehe.

  9. Will visit this on the 23rd Sir Ivan :) Yay! Thanks for the info Sir!

  10. You won't regret it Jarl! :D

  11. Rayna Vihuela Reyes7.1.10

    omg that looks soooo good.

    ang dami palang hole in the wall restaurant's near rockwell. there's also som's. it's kinda like a hawker stall and they serve really good thai food. idunno if you've tried it yet.

    anyway, i guess that's authentic as authentic can get! i'll go there sometime. :)

  12. Vance Camacho8.1.10

    ooohh, thanks for the info :D

  13. I'm sorry but Som's is terrible Thai food by anyone's standards.

  14. Anonymous2.2.10

    Su Zhou has a branch in promenade greenhills.

  15. Definitely my kind of frills but great food...will definitely give them a go...i'm just worried that after this "word of mouth" ad there'll longer queues...

  16. Been there since 2 years ago, but be cautious of the food there now. Many friends of mine had diarrhea after dined there, and they say the oil there were reused for weeks.....Be careful!

  17. Anonymous3.8.11

    big cockroaches anyone ? I saw some crawling on the wall and immediately walked out with my son !

  18. Anonymous26.3.12

    haters gonna hate. food is great here.


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