Friday, December 04, 2009

Malaysia: Genting Higlands and theme park fun at the peak!

Who said Genting Highlands is all about casinos? The Genting Theme Park in Genting Highlands is one exciting Malaysian destination for the young and young at heart. I really don't visit theme parks on my own. So when Tourism Malaysia invited us over to Genting Theme Park, why would I refuse?

For a change, we tried public transportation going to Genting Highlands. In fact, there are many ways to catch a bus to Genting Highlands. Buses depart from One Utama, KL Sentral, Puduraya, and Pasarakyat among other places. But these buses go through KL traffic and we were advised one of the fastest ways of getting to Genting Highlands was to catch the bus at the Terminal Putra in Gombak which is on one end of the Kelana Jaya (Pink) Line of the RapidKL LRT. So if you're in a hurry, this is one option.

We left after rush hour since we didn't want to join the KL commuter crush. From Terminal Putra, you can catch the bus to Genting Highlands. But in our case, our van picked us up there and brought us to the terminal of the Genting Skyway, said to be the longest and fastest cable car in Asia, for our trip up to Genting Highlands.

We went straight to the Genting Theme Park as soon as we got there. Given that the weather was unpredictable, we decided to go for the outdoor rides first and reserved the indoor rides for the afternoon since it usually rained later in the day.

Of course, our priority was the park's signature rides which included the Flying Coaster and Space Shot. The Flying Coaster is a roller coaster. But instead of sitting down, you lie on your stomach face down, which gives you a sensation of flying. While the Space Shot is a 185-foot drop that gives you a few seconds of weightlessness.

After our second ride, it started to rain. So we moved indoors and had lunch at the Penang Food Village, one of the many restaurants in the area. From the restaurant window, one could see Kuala Lumpur down below (it's the same view from the top of the Space Shot). Our food inlcuded fried kuay teow, mee mamak, kuay teow soup, asam laksa, lobak and rojak.

Later in the afternoon, since the rains didn't stop, we tried out the bump cars and another signature attraction of Genting Highlands which is Snow World. The Sports Unlimited crew was also shooting inside which explains our TV appearance some weeks back.

Anyway, after more rides and some shopping (believe it or not, they can have good bargains there in Genting), we had to rush back to KL for a dinner appointment. We took the Genting Skyway back down where our van was waiting for us. If only we could have stayed longer, there were more rides we wanted to try out!

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  1. Anonymous5.12.09

    Ai, ua! Masanting queng Genting Highlands! Pane marimla, e ya man saslag ing aldo quen qng pabanua.

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  3. hi, how much do we need to bring as budget for a genting trip? thanks. we're u able to try doing games in casino? is there a cheap place to stay up the genting? thanks.


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