Friday, December 25, 2009

Pampanga: Giant Lantern Festival 2009

Masayang Pasko ampong Masaplalang Bayung Banua kekayu ngan! Like every year, I attended the annual Giant Lantern Festival of the City of San Fernando, Pampanga. And every year, the lanterns never fail to amaze me. Congratulations to Dolores, Telabastagan and San Jose for winning this year's competition!

I've written a lot on the Giant Lantern Festival here so if you want to learn more about the festival, see the previous entries. You can still catch the giant lanterns in the next few days. They'll be on display in Robinson's Starmills Pampanga beginning tomorrow.

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Here are Christmas greetings from all over the country:
Aklanon - Malipayon nga Paskwa ag Mahigugmaon nga Bag-ong Dag-on!
Asi - Maadong Santos Paskwa ag Masadyang Bag-ong Tuig!
Ata - Maroyan na Pasko woy Kaopia-an ng Bag-ong Tuig kaniyo't langon mga sulod
Bikol - Maogmang Capascuhan asin Mamura-way na Ba-gong Taon sa indo gabos!
Blaan - Pye duh di kaut Kristo klu munt ug Felemi Fali!
Binubolinao - Marigan Nabidad
Boholano - Malipajong Pasko
Cebuano - Maayong Pasko ug Bulahang Bag-ong Tuig!
Chavacano - Felices Pascuas y Prospero Año Nuevo con todos!
Dibabawon - Marayaw na Pasko aw Bag-ong Tuig kaniyo tibo na mga soon!
Gaddang - Mangamgam Bawa a dawun sikua diaw amin
Hiligaynon - Malipayon nga Paskua kag Malipayon Nga Bag-ong tuig!
Hungduan - Maphon au nitungawan. Apo Dios Kituwen baron di toon
Ibanag - Mapalupaguiya nga Pascua
Ibaloi - Eshadsak ja Paskua! Eshadsak ja Badon Tawen!
Ifugao - Malinggop an Baro an Tawon
Ilocano - Naimbag a Pascua ken Naragsac nga Baro nga Tawen!
Kankanaey - Gawis ay Paskua ya Nalagsak ay Balo ay Tu-en!
Kapampangan - Masayang Pascu ampong Masaplalang Bayung Banua kekayu ngan!
Mandobo - Mepiya Pagasaulog sa pagka-otawni Jesus aw maontong kaling Omay!
Mangyan Buhid - Fiya Pagpasko
Mangyan Hanunuo - Mayad paq Pasko
Mansaka - Madyaw na Pasko aw malipayong Bag-ong Tuig kamayo, mga lumon!
Masbatenyo - Malipayon nga Paskwa
Onhan - Mayad nga Paskwa kag Masadya nga Bag-ong Tuig!
Pangasinan - Maabig ya Pasko! Maliket ya Balon Taon!
Romblomanon - Malipayon nga Paskwa kag Masadya na Bag-ong Tuig!
Sambal - Maligayang Pasko at Masayang Ba-yon Taon!
Subanen - Piak Pasko pu Piag Bago Tawn!
Surigaonon - Malipayon na Pasko sanan Bag-on Tuig!
Tagakaolo - Madyaw Pagsalog sa Pagka-otaw ni Jesus
Tagalog - Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon!
Tala-andig - Maayad ha Pasko daw Bag-ong Tuig!
Waray-waray - Maupay nga Pasko ngan Mainuswagon nga Bag-o nga Tuig!

...wishing for a united Filipino nation this Christmas!


  1. Hi Ivan wishing a merry christmas and have a nice holiday season.

  2. huwaaaw! suweeet colors! amazing works of art!
    great post, sir! Naragsak a baro tawenyo!

  3. The festival is really fantastic. Hope you could watch next year!

  4. Rona Y6.1.10

    After reading so much about the festival, I arranged to go straight from the airport to San Fernando to see the festival on the 19th, what I had read was the starting date of the festival.

    Imagine my suprise when I arrived and learned that "regular" people were not allowed close to the lanterns, only VIPs were! This fact was not advertised anywhere!! Had I known I would never have made the trek out to San Fernando (especially since I had to pay an additional P750 beyond the normal charge of our car rental for the trip).

    This was one of the most poorly organised and advertised festivals I've ever attended. We complained to one of the organisers (who said she would "take note" of our complaint--ya, right!), but are sure it will be the same thing next year.

    I wish I could have arrived early enough to join your tour, but my flight did not arrive until the afternoon. If you have any pull at all with the organisers, please please please let them know that they should offer more specific information about the festival and how one can see the lanterns. Even the San Fernando City's website offers next to nothing about how to see the lanterns (from closer than 100 or 200 metres--where we were standing).

  5. @Rona Y, it's the first time they did that set-up (expanding the VIP area all the way to the center). In previous years, people could stand closer if they came early. I'll let them know.

    It's a one day event. After the festival, the giant lanterns are simply on display.

  6. Rona Y11.1.10

    Thanks Ivan!

    BTW, I was only in Manila for a couple of days before heading out to Bacolod to visit family, and of course I spent part of Sunday morning at Legazpi Market. I met your mother--she's a sweetheart, and she scoured her sold-out ensaimada bundles to try to find an extra one for me. And she did! Really wonderful ensaimada, and one of my Titas from BCD was hoping to order some during her short stay in Manila a few weekends later. I hope she did, but if not, I'm sure she will the next time she's in Manila!

  7. good day sir ivan, im dana maceda from the university of santo tomas. i would like to ask if its ok with you to site your blog for our cultural tourism paper about the giant lantern festival. i would also like to ask few questions which would also be part of our paper regarding the festivity.i also have read that you've been the chairman of the festival last 2003. can you share us about the accommodation of spectators and the opportunities to the locals?


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