Friday, January 15, 2010

Ifugao: Back in the Mayoyao Rice Terraces

Mayoyao is not easy to visit. But its rice terraces are definitely worth the long trip. I was glad to be back to visit the Mayoyao Rice Terraces.

For Day 2, we trekked up and down some of the different points of interest in the town. After breakfast, a quick visit to the Mayoyao Museum and logging our names at the local police station, we hiked up to the Acacoy Nature Park.

Then we trekked down to the highway and up again Brgy. Chaya to visit the Chaya Terraces Cluster. We had lunch in Brgy. Chaya composed of boiled native chicken, watercress and gabi leaves (as I mentioned in a previous post, the regular meal in Mayoyao is usually boiled). After lunch, we made our way down Chaya and trekked further down to Brgy. Bongan for a view of the Bongan Terraces Cluster and a visit to the the Abfo'or Burial Tomb.

By mid-afternoon, we had already trekked for more than five hours. So everyone was yearning for another afternoon nap to recharge. Later in the evening we watched a demonstration on how the Mayoyao native house is constructed.

Part 1: Rice planting experience in Mayoyao, Ifugao

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  1. Anonymous4.9.11

    Nice! So, this is how mayoyao looks like. Sayang, last aug 31 we're all packed to go here but then the road is 'buwis buhay' (way from isabela-alfonso lista). 9 kms to get there we decided to go back. The road isn't safe to drive. Is there another way to go here?


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