Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Northern Samar: Capul Island's lighthouse and old fortress church

Capul Island in Northern Samar is most known for its lighthouse and old church. There are daily pump boat services from Allen. There is usually one trip early in the morning and another early in the afternoon. The boat ride is a little over an hour.

Unless you’re hiring your own boat, you definitely have to stay overnight in Capul Island. A trip to Capul is definitely not for those who are not adventurous. There aren’t that many places to stay in Capul. In fact, we went on homestay while we were there. You can easily ask the habal-habal driver to take you to one.

Before proceeding to the lighthouse, we checked out the town’s fortress church. The walls that comprise the fort are still intact, a stark reminder of how pirate attacks were a major consideration and problem during the Spanish colonial period.

The Capul Church is dedicated to San Ignacio de Loyola. It was built by the Jesuits by the 18th century and renovated by the Franciscans in the late 19th century. The fortified church is in good condition but the interior and convent were renovated after damage by typhoons.

The Capul Lighthouse is several kilometers on the northern tip of the island. Again, we had to hire a habal-habal to get us there.

Sadly, the Faro de Isla Capul is very rundown and badly in need of attention. But the view from the cliff where it stands is so picturesque, with strong waves crashing on large coral rocks down below. It’s actually perfect for a picnic.

There aren't that many places to eat dinner, just one or two carinderias. And make sure you eat early since the food supply does not last long. Remember also that by 12 midnight, electricity is shut down. So make you charge your phones before midnight.

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  1. Anonymous6.1.10

    Beatiful sights.They should offer homestay at the lighthouse itself so they can pay for repairs.

  2. I think they allow homestays at the lighthouse. Indeed, it's a good idea to fix a room there for accommodation to help raise funds for the repair of the lighthouse. I hope they do that!

  3. Jay Agoo7.1.10

    wow! sarap magpicnic.. yun nga lang most of our lighthouses here in the Philippines need repairs. I hope they can do something about that.

  4. That's true. I guess it boils down to funds which can easily be solved by great ideas for adaptive reuse and champion to do it.

  5. ei! when did you visit the place? Capul's my hometown and i was there last Chistmas.

  6. hi! am glad you've been to our place.. thanks for the nice shots!

    hope you'll visit again.. we capulenos are very much proud of our hometown..

    maybe u cud also feature the beaches when your go back..


  7. oh! i miss that place...nice shots! Keep up the good work. Hope you'll visit again. GOD BLESS YOU!

  8. boyet p.18.3.12

    hi! there kumusta na kayong lahat na taga capul,lalo na ung taga san luis, c boyet2 assigned dati sa parola 1996 at 2009


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