Saturday, February 20, 2010

Subic: Tree Top Adventure is Subic Bay's adventure attraction

If there's one thing good about Subic Bay being a former American military base, the rain forests are very much intact. Subic Tree Top Adventure is one way you can appreciate the forests of Subic Bay.

This attraction is a series of suspended trails, bridges and motorized cable rides built high up the rain forest of Subic.

We visited Tree Top Adventure in the evening. I was a bit skeptical since it would have been really dark unless they installed ample lighting. But it turns out, doing it in the evening can be fun too. And no need to worry about the heat of the sun.

We got to try their zip-line called the Superman Ride since you are suspended face down and feet up. That was fun!

There are a lot of activities there including the Tree Top Adventure (Canopy Walk and Canopy Ride) which I already mentioned (Php350), Ultimate Adventure or Superman Ride (Php200), Trekking Adventure (Php100) which is simply a walking trail around the rain forest, and the Tree-Drop Adventure (Php150) which is rappelling down the side of a 60-foot tree (try the daring Australian style which is face first). They have various packages. But if you want to try everything, take Package F (Php720).

Tree Top Adventure Subic
JEST Area, Upper Mau
Cubi Point, Subic Bay
(047) 2529425 / 27


  1. You have a very interesting blog: congratulations!
    Best regards from Barcelona (Spain).

  2. Anonymous7.3.10

    sir, can i just ask until what time is the JEST camp open for tree top adventure? are they open til night?

  3. Anonymous29.11.11

    wala po bang xmas promo sa treetop adventure. like discounts?

  4. Anonymous20.12.11

    nice blog, am from subic too and loves tree top adventures.

  5. Anonymous18.2.12

    There's an ongoing promo at the SMX convention ctr (MOA) 50% off the price..that's P700.00
    for all the treetop adventure package..the sale is until Feb19 only.


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