Thursday, April 08, 2010

Laguna: Heritage town of Pila, Laguna

Pila is the heritage town of Laguna. The historic center of the town was declared a National Historical Landmark by the National Historical Institute in 2000. It was known as La Noble Villa de Pila, one of the few towns in the country which was elevated to villa during the Spanish colonial period.

The center of town is an elegant collection of colorful colonial period structures located around a spacious plaza. The layout out of the town is very typical of most Spanish colonial towns. On one side of the plaza is the Pila Church dedicated to San Antonio de Padua. On the opposite end of the plaza is the charming Pila Municipal Hall dating back to the American colonial period and painted in brick red. And on the west and east sides are the elegant homes of the town's principalia.

Pila's house colors come in shades of brown, pastels and white. This was how houses were painted during the Spanish and American colonial periods. It was not all white.

The town has a very active heritage conservation group, the Pila Historical Society Foundation, Inc. which has continuously led efforts to preserve the heritage of this genteel town. Here's a map of historic structures in Pila, Laguna if you want a guide while you do a walking tour.


  1. wow, i did not know about the heritage town of pila until i read your blog. there are only two heritage town that i know taal and in vigan.

    thanks for this info, ill definitely visit pila soon.

    1. Anonymous12.9.12

      It's a beautiful place. You should visit it.

  2. I have 23 heritage towns in my list :D

  3. we went on a road trip to Pila last year to see the houses. the white house near the plaza's really pretty up close. and the municipal hall, red kung red. we didnt get to see the church tho, because it was closed when we went there. i think there's also a museum nearby.

  4. Tokayo,

    Please post your list of 23 heritage towns, thanks!

  5. Tokayo, watch out for it! :D

  6. 23? wow and i'm happy to know. i would love to know and visit the heritage towns too. i really admire your cause in preserving our heritage sites.

    thanks again.

  7. Anonymous1.2.12

    i really my home town...
    pila laguna!!! i miss you so much..

  8. This is great Ivan...I will have this written on next travel list, I ♥ old houses. :-)

  9. I love this post Ivan, i love old houses :-). I will have this next on my list.

  10. Hi. Is there a place to hold a reception in Pila. We want to get married at the San Antonio de Padua church there. Thanks.


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