Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Macau: Noodles, congee and more Chinese hawker food at Wa Hin Mei Sec (Small Turtle) 華軒美食(細龜)

What a way to start a tour of Macau! We had arrived on an evening flight and the first order of the day was a Chinese dinner. Our hosts from the Macau Government Tourism Office took us to this hole-in-the-wall hawker stall called Small Turtle 華軒美食(細龜) or Estabelecimento de Comidas Wa Hin Mei Sec, a Cantonese restaurant which is very popular for its fried beef rice noodles 干炒牛河, fried wanton 炸雲吞, and fried dace fish balls 炸鯪魚球.

When we arrived, we saw the guy they call Small Turtle firing up the noodles in a cart by the street. It turns out, the noodles are cooked here while the other dishes are prepared inside the restaurant across the street. While most of his customers go for take away, you can opt to stay in the restaurant and eat your noodles there.

We were served various preparations of noodles. Their specialty is of course the fried beef rice noodles which reminded me so much of char kway teow. We also had octopus with white noodles and pork with glass noodles. When we thought we were done, they sent in even more food. The fried shrimp dumplings were really good while the deep fried minced fish balls were oozing hot when they served it to us.

Then came in two large bowls of Fisherman's Congee which we obviously could not finish. I wish it had come first because I liked it. But after all those really tasty dishes, it did not leave a lasting impression on my taste buds. The last dish they brought out was deep fried little fish. My friends know that I'm not a seafood person so I didn't try that out anymore. Besides, I was already stuffed with all that delicious Chinese food!

Expect to spend about HK$/MOP25 to 50 per head. The fried beef rice noodles is HK$/MOP25 per order. That heavy and sumptuous meal was a great start for our Macau adventure, isn't it Ferdz, Nina, Estan, Kaoko and Christine?

Estabelecimento de Comidas Wa Hin Mei Sec 華軒美食(細龜)
Shop 2C, G/F Edf. Lok Sze, Travessa da Saudade, San Kiu, Macau
三盞燈 (新橋)沙梨頭仁慕巷樂斯大廈地下2號C舖
Tel No. 2895 3106
Open from 6:30 p.m. to 4:30 a.m.


  1. It was a sign of things to come! I miss the food already!

  2. nina, ako din - missing the food already! now looking forward to char kway teow in KL. will post some of our pics on fb when i get back. get well soon, ivan!

  3. I'm hungry again! Let's go back! :P

  4. Yes please! Pag okay kana para todo camwhore tayo! :D

  5. Agree, nakakamiss ang food. At ang endless wine :P

  6. Anonymous16.5.10

    i hope you ate at my favorite macau restaurant.. ALORCHA

  7. yup, sarap ng food. missed pigging out on the desserts. hahaha


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