Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Macau: 360 Cafe, world's highest bungee jump by AJ Hackett and more from Macau Tower

Ever wonder where the best view of Macau can be found. It's at the Macau Tower of course, 338-meter high communications that hosts restaurants with breathtaking views of Macau and Taipa, as well as AJ Hacket's Bungy Jump, the highest commercial bungee jump in the world.

First order of the day was a trip to the up to the observation deck for a grand view of Macau. Tickets cost MOP/HK$100 for adults and MOP/HK$50 for kids aged to 11. Kids below 3 years old are free of charge.

The observation deck gives you a 360 degree view of Macau. And to make things a bit more exciting, some parts have glass floors which you can walk on and look all the way down to the street!

A few floors up is AJ Hacket Macau Tower, a must-try for thrill seekers. As I mentioned, the Bungy Jump is the highest commercial bungee jump in the world!

The Bungy Jump, which includes an exclusive t-shirt, certificate and membership card, costs MOP1,688 or US$218. The Skywalk X, which is walking around the top of the tower with a safety harness, costs MOP588 or US$76. The SkyJump, which is a controlled descent ride, costs MOP988 or US$127. Also check out the Mast Climb which is not for the faint-hearted. It costs MOP1,688 or US$218 to climb the mast of Macau Tower.

If you want to purchase the additional CD + DVD + 2 Photos bundle, the full Bungy package costs MOP2,288 or US$295. It looked really tempting but since I still couldn't smile for the photos and video, I decided to wait until a future trip when I was better. Make sure you book since you need prior reservation owing to its popularity among toursits.

If you want to have a meal with a view, check out the buffet lunch or dinner at Cafe 360. The cost of the buffet includes entrance to the tower. Lunch buffet is HK$/MOP198 for adults and HK$MOP148 for children. Dinner buffet is HK$/MOP288 and HK$/MOP188 respectively. For reservations, call (+853) 8988 8622.

The international dinner buffet had a selection so wide (Chinese, Macanese, Japanese, Indian and Western cuisine among others), we didn't know where to start! I don't even remember how many times I returned to the buffet.

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  1. Hi. I enjoy reading your blog. It has helped me plan our family adventures :-) Would you have an email address for the 360 Cafe where one could make reservations? Thanks and more power!


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