Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Macau: Restaurante Litoral serves the best Macanese cuisine

Have you ever tried Macanese cuisine? We all know Macau is very much Chinese. But with hundreds of years under Portuguese rule, Macau has developed a distinct cuisine that it can call its own. And the best place to savor genuine Macanese cuisine is at Restaurante Litoral.

It's a really cozy restaurant very close to the A-Ma Temple. We were served a bevy of Macanese dishes from such as Chamussa (curry beef cakes) MOP60 which is quite similar to the samosa from India where Portugal also had territories, Vinagrete de Lulas (squid with vinegar) MOP80 which is like kilawin, Croquetes de Carne (meat rolls) MOP60, Pipis a Litoral (chicken giblets a Litoral) MOP68 which is best eaten with bread dipped in its flavorful sauce, Peixe no Forno a Litoral (baked fresh fish) MOP148, and Caril de Camarao e Carne de Caranguejo (curry shrimp with crab meat) MOP158.

The highlight of the lunch was the Galinha Africana (African chicken) MOP180 which was really good. I just kept on nibbling on the juicy and spicy pieces of chicken.

We had a dessert overload after lunch. They let us try the Mousse de Chocolate (chocolate mousse), Bebinca de Leite (coconut milk custard) which was my favorite, Pudim de Ovos (egg pudding), Gelatina de Coco (coconut gelatine), Pudim de Manga (manggo pudding), Serradura Biscuit Mousse Molotov (egg yolk souffle), and Pudim de Cafe (coffee pudding).

If you care for more, there are other highly-recommended Macanese restaurants. Here's the list:

Restaurante Litoral
Rua do Almirante Sergio, 261-A, Macau
Tel. +853 28967878

A Lorcha
Rua Almirante Sergio No. 289, Macau
Tel. +853 28313193

Restaurante Escada
Rua de Se Nº 8, Macau (Leal Senado Square)
Tel. +853 28966900 / 28389229


  1. Joao Branquinho4.6.10

    It is portuguese food with chinese sauces, does not work, when we (a group of portuguese people) tried it we had to go to another restaurant to have a proper meal. We tried 5 or 6 dishes.. Fusion of South/East Asian food with European cuisine almost faills everyime.

  2. Hi Joao, fusion dishes happen everywhere, especially in our global kitchens. But if you're looking for traditional Portuguese cuisine, I agree that you'll have to go to another restaurant since they serve "creole" food if that's a way to describe it.

  3. Anonymous7.6.12

    Is a Macanese food restaurant and should also be portuguese restaurant (but is very poor portuguese cooking). off center but near Barra.
    3rd time here, first 2 times nothing special, although a little overpriced, understandable since is targeting tourists mainly.
    Asked 2 typical portuguese dishes: Bacalhau à Brás (codfish Brás styly) and Salada de Orelhas de porco (Pig ears salad)… the second was ok, but the first was over too salty…
    Complained about it and the answer was that Bacalhau is salty (I was shocked because if you knew how to cook Bacalhau/codfish, you wouldn’t give this answer)…. this answer is only good for tourists and not good for portuguese… sorry, so will get negative evaluation for this attitude (if don’t know how to cook it, don’t sell this dish… the bacalhau/codfish is in fact salty, that’s why has to be washed until all salt is out)…
    Second bad answer, although I wasn’t trying to replace the dish and just to inform them about the dish bad cooking, was that they tried to excuse themselves that I’ve already tried to much of the “dish”…


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