Friday, September 10, 2010

Zamboanga: Satti at Pilar Street and Canelar Street

Satti is an early morning dish sold in Zamboanga City. It's actually from Jolo, Sulu but was made popular in Zamboanga City. It was a good thing satti restaurants open as early as 4 a.m. in Pilar Street. So as soon as I arrived from Jolo, I went straight there for breakfast.

For an affordable Php50, you get eight sticks of beef satti and puso (rice) floating in a generous serving of the sweet and spicy sauce that accompanies the satti. There's also chicken satti and you can pick which chicken part you want. In one corner of the restaurant, one of the staff was slicing puso into small pieces preparing them in bowls where the satti and sauce would be added later.

Pilar Street has a lot of satti restaurants. But there's actually another satti place in Canelar Street if you're staying in a hotel near the airport. It's very close to Jollibee. Just make sure you visit in the morning since supply doesn't last until the evening.

Now I'm craving for satti! Does anyone know where to get satti in Metro Manila?


  1. Hi! I'm Kamille Mercado, currently a fine arts senior in Ateneo. I'm making a thesis that features Filipino food, could I perhaps borrow your picture of pilar st and use it in my thesis? I will make sure to properly cite you as the source. It would really be such a huge help if you'd let me but no pressure if you prefer not to. Thank you!

  2. Anonymous26.2.11

    You can find Zamboanga Satti Grill House at the food court of SM Fairview.

  3. Anonymous13.6.11

    One Satti Grill operated by Armand Nocum is located at Mabini-Padre Faura Sts., Ermita, Manila.


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