Monday, May 14, 2012

Aldevinco Shopping Center, Mindanao handicrafts in Davao City

Cultural markets are an important element of any tourist friendly city. I was glad to find one in Davao City, the Aldevinco Shopping Center. Right across Marco Polo Hotel and the Ateneo de Davao University, Aldevinco is host to over 100 handicraft and antique shops, many of which have been there since it opened in 1965.

In the shops, one can find local Mindanao products, local indigenous costumes and textiles, various batik products, textiles imported from Indonesia and Malaysia, antique and brass items, and even indigenous musical instruments.

Right outside Aldevinco are fruit stands where you can get some really good local fruits such as pomelo and mangosteen. It's definitely a place you have to explore when you visit Davao City.

Aldevinco Shopping Center
Claro M. Recto cor. Manuel Roxas Avenues, Davao City

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  1. It's been a loooooong time since I've visited this place. Thanks for featuring. :)

  2. Jv Caylo27.5.12

    WOW! I hope I can go in davao to visit our relatives there and mostly, buy those antique things like the decorative kulintang in Aldevinco Shop that is the apple of my eye now! I've never been in Davao once. Thanks for featuring this.

    Love lots from Cebu!!!!! :D

  3. there are even shops at aldevinco that offer online shopping. they can send you the items ordered through LBC-in case you run our of cash for items you like.
    and the cheapest place to buy fruits in davao city is in bangkerohan. they can even put your purchases in a box ready for your flight.

  4. hi,,,,, if u like lolo q ang owner niyang qn gusto niu punt kau s store n ito SAM & NAIM'S SOUVENIR SHOP at may mga batik kme at pearls poe at pwd niyo aq e add s FB cge poe tnx


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