Friday, October 19, 2012

Laguna: Save the Alberto House!

If you believe that the Philippine Government should save the ancestral house of Jose Rizal's mother Teodora Alonzo, share this until it reaches our government leaders. No to transfer to Bagac, Bataan!

From Dr. Bimbo Sta. Maria of United Artists for Cultural Conservation and Development (UACCD) in Binan, Laguna:  "A part of the Alberto House caved in yesterday. This is the beginning of the end of this historic house. After it was demolished from the inside and its parts transferred to Bataan, the house has been left exposed to the elements. No ceiling, no floor and its foundations dug and exposed, it was inevitable for the house, now left only with its shell, to go down.

"The planned expropriation proceedings by our local government did not push through for some reasons. UACCD has followed it up in the past until the present but the LGU has other pressing problems to attend to. RA 10066 is in effect. But as stated before, the national government does not have the funds to save all heritage structures.

"It is a fact that the house remains to be private property. With the owner's loss of interest to preserve the house and his selling it, this is the moment he has long been waiting for to get rid of this important cultural property. Consummatum est! (Photo courtesy of Star Jenny Carpena Chiucinco-Temprosa)"


  1. I'm totally supporting this. This house is practically part of the history of the Philippines.

  2. I am not in favor of transferring ancestral houses like this :-(


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