Tuesday, October 30, 2012

From Saudi to Manila: Pag-ibig na Pangmatagalan

Finally, the Tide with Downy story is complete! Selected from the hundreds of stories shared to us via the Tide Bangong Padala Promo, the love story of Myrna and Emmanuel truly represents Pag-ibig na Pangmatagalan.

Emmanuel had been in Saudi for 16 years, occasionally reunited when he flies home. And sadly, he never saw his children grow up. But that is the reality overseas workers have to face. The lure of a better future even if it means staying away from your family becomes a clear choice given our situation here in the country. They may have been separated for so long, but their love remains fresh and strong. That’s why we selected their story.

After selecting their story, visiting Myrna at their home and sending Emmanuel her package in Saudi, the ultimate goal was to reunite them here in Manila after being separated for a long time. It was obvious that Myrna yearned to see Emmanuel again. The tears that flowed down every time she told the story was really a sign of longing to see her husband.

When we visited Myrna at her home in Novaliches, we never said when Emmanuel was coming home. When the day finally came, we motored to NAIA Terminal 1 to meet with Emmanuel who was flying in from Saudi.

Indeed, simple scents can remind you of home. I was standing at the arrival area when I saw Emmanuel walking down. And I knew it was him since he was wearing the Tide with the Freshness of Downy shirt that was sent to him from Myrna.

I got to talk to him while on the van en route to where Myrna was. He said that he had been in Saudi for 16 years since he had to earn money to raise his family. While working abroad, you can’t help but remember your family at home. He mentioned to me how the simple scent of his t-shirt reminded him of home, how the scent of freshly washed clothes remind him of Myrna’s care.

Myrna was actually not aware that Emmanuel was home, not aware that she was going to be seeing him that night. She was just being interviewed about her love story with Emmanuel when suddenly…

So what happened really? Watch the video and see how the two got reunited!

This whole experience touched me as a frequent international traveler. I can get homesick especially when I’ve been away for weeks, what more for people who have been away for years. It was also impressive to see how despite distance, love prevails.

If you missed the first video, here it is as well.

Thank you Tide with Downy for that heartwarming experience!

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