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Thursday, July 02, 2015

BPI Credit Card is my travel card!

Travel is a very important part of my lifestyle. That must be the understatement of the year! I always have to plan my trip properly to make sure I make the most of my limited budget. An essential part of my travel is my credit card. Actually, I’ve had only one credit card since I got my own card nearly a decade ago, the BPI SkyMiles MasterCard, which is one of the many BPI Credit Cards available.

Like all BPI Credit Cards, it has the lowest foreign exchange conversion rate of only 1.75% among the top surveyed banks under the Credit Card Association of the Philippines (CCAP). Imagine, other banks charge as much as 3.525% for currency conversion. That’s something you have to look into especially if you are a frequent international traveler.

That’s why I prefer to swipe my BPI Credit Card instead of bringing cash for international trips. While cash has its obvious benefits, bringing too much of it also has disadvantages such as bad exchange rates, exchanging too much, or even theft.

My BPI Credit Card was very handy when I rented a car and drove around Europe in 2011. I used it to pay for the car rental, gas, accommodation, meals, souvenirs, and everything I could use the card with. I got a lot of points because of the purchases.

It was the same story for the five-week land trip I made around South America in 2013. You can imagine how many plane, train and bus tickets and hotels I booked using the card all these years, for trips in five continents. That’s because BPI Credit Cards are accepted anywhere in the world! How’s that for a travel companion?

But the biggest travel benefit that all BPI Credit Cards offer is free comprehensive travel insurance when you charge your travel fares to your BPI Credit Card. The BPI Credit Cards are so comprehensive, it covers life, health and other travel inconvenience. BPI Credit Cards give you automatic protection from travel accidents, trip delays, trip cancellations, and other inconveniences. All cards qualified for travel insurance have the following covered at different amounts: from death and permanent disablement, medical reimbursement, lost or delayed baggage, cancelled or delayed flights, personal liability, and even lost passports! It has the widest coverage compared to other credit cards.

No doubt, my BPI Credit Card has been one of my most important travel companions. I’ll never leave home without it.

I received this text a few days ago: Travel NOW on Real 0% Installment w/ your BPI Credit Card! Visit the Travel Madness Expo 4 on July 3-5 at the SMX Halls 1-4, SM MOA Complex to avail of exciting travel deals & huge discounts. Visit for details.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

OPPO launches the New Trio

There’s a new phone that will make documenting your trips even more exciting! With a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 Octa-core processor, the OPPO R1x is the big boss! It has a powerful 13MP camera (5MP for the front camera), 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of internal storage. Yes, 16GB can be quite small especially if you have lots of videos. But the optional slot for up to 128GB additional storage will solve that.

OPPO launched the New Trio in the Philippines last Tuesday. Aside from the R1x, OPPO also introduced the Joy Plus and Neo 5.

I got to try the R1x over the weekend. And the results were fantastic!

It’s what the camera can do that changes the way you document your trips: Ultra-HD, Slow Shutter Mode, RAW, Beautify Mode, Expert Mode, Flash Shot, After Focus, and Double Exposure. I really love it how these new phone are changing the competition by offering affordable alternatives with specs that are as good as known brands.

It’s available in white and black. I got the black one, a real stunner! You can get this fantastic phone at an SRP of Php15,990.00, not bad for what it can do.

Visit the OPPO Facebook page for more information.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

You can fly to El Nido for free with Globe Cloud's Summer Selfie promo!

Believe it or not, you can win a trip to El Nido Resorts by sharing a selfie! Yes, just by sharing a selfie! Globe is giving away an all-expense paid trip to Miniloc Island for three people (including chartered flight from Manila to El Nido, transfers, accommodation and meals) to one lucky Globe user who will download the Globe Cloud App between April 25 – May 20, 2015 and share a #SummerSelfie using the app.

Globe Cloud is a cloud storage and sharing service. You can store your contacts and text messages by syncing them from your phone to your Globe Cloud account. You can also store and access your photos, documents and other digital content such as your playlists, videos in the Globe Cloud app using your phone, tablet or computer.

What’s more, the Globe Cloud also provides a simple and useful way of content sharing by allowing private shareable links.

And it’s free! The Globe Cloud App is free for Android, iPhone or computer devices.

To join the contest, upload your #SummerSelfie using Globe Cloud to your Facebook or Twitter account with the hashtags #GlobeCloud and #SummerSelfie. Aside from the El Nido Resorts trip, the winning #SummerSelfie also gets the chance to be featured in the advertising materials of Globe Cloud.

Globe Cloud is exclusive to Globe and TM subscribers only.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Have you been to the Legazpi Sunday Market lately?

Makati on a weekend is a food lovers paradise. It's especially true on Sundays when the Legazpi Sunday Market, the biggest weekend food market in Metro Manila, serves a regular crowd of foodies, expats and curious locals who enjoy the variety of flavors available.

I explored the Legazpi Sunday Market with my Yoga Tablet 2 which was very convenient to bring. It made it easier to blog and update social media on-the-go. Very easy to use with its the 8-inch full HD 1920 x 1200 IPS display with 8MP rear camera and 1.6 MP front camera.

Imang Salud Ensaimadas are the best ensaimadas in town, topped with queso de bola. For the Kapampangans, check out the balu-balo and pindang damulag!

Finally, after looking far and wide for real Jewish bagels, I found them at the market!

Churros con chocolate anyone?

How about phad thai? Khun Caesar's is really good!

More noodles? Maybe char kuey teow perhaps? This stall serves various noodle dishes from Southeast Asia.

How about Vietnamese food? More noodles!

Takoyaki balls perhaps? I always buy from here.

Or maybe yakitori?

Talk about pork overload at this bagnet stall!

I have friends who swear by this panini stall.

The food in the market is so diverse. I like the couscous and chicken dish from Morocco.

One of the newest stalls is Rodrigo's, the best roast beef in town!

I love the oyster cake. Here's Binondo in Makati.

And it's not just the usual tablet. Aside from holding it, you can also tilt it or make it stand with a flip. And it you have a place to latch it to, you can also hang it when viewing content, freeing up your hands to do other tasks.

With a DSLR, the Lenovo Tablet 2 also works as an external HD monitor for shooting & filming people and places. You can also edit on the spot using photo editing apps. Most important is that it's there for the long ride with its epic battery life (2-cell battery, 6400 mAh lasts up to 18 hours) with Dolby Digital audio, and high performance with its Intel® Atom™ processor.

You should get one for your next adventure and discover something new!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Transitions® Signature™ lenses is great for travel!

Summer is here and it’s so hot! I want to go to the beach or somewhere cold to escape the heat. Don’t we all? I could imagine the summer sun can cause so much damage to my eyes. Which is why I’m relieved that I have Transitions® Signature™ lenses to accompany me as I travel to my favorite beach destinations, and protect my eyes from hot, sunny and glaring discomfort.

The Transitions® Signature™ lenses blocks 100 percent of UVA & UVB rays. Aside from sunblock for your skin, you need to protect your eyes too! And since the lenses fit any prescription and frame, I got one that looks good as both glasses and shades.

But what’s different from your regular sunglasses or ordinary clear lenses is the unique benefit of photochromic lenses – specifically Transitions® Signature™ lenses: they are the most responsive adaptive lenses to date! The shade of the lens tint is not fixed and changes depending on the environment. They adapt to different lighting environments and turn dark, light and every shade in between. When you move from a bright and sunny outdoor environment to an indoor one the lenses fade back to clear fast. And because of this adaptability, I get optimal protection and vision in my everyday pair of glasses.

It would seem I will be visiting beaches in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao during the summer months. So I’ll definitely be taking advantage of the protection and convenience of the Transitions® Signature™ lenses.

I’m looking forward to my trips this summer when the Transitions® Signature™ lenses will come in very handy. This is one great investment. You can get Transitions® Signature™ adaptive lenses from all major optical stores.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Transitions® Signature™ adaptive lenses for the frequent traveler

I’ve been wearing Transitions® Signature™ adaptive lenses for over a month now. And I must say, it was a great decision to get a pair. Given my extremely mobile lifestyle and the frequent traveling, multi-tasking, and unpredictable weather – hot, sunny and glaring one moment, followed by cloud cover later – it’s been so convenient for me as I move around Metro Manila’s skyscraper-filled urban landscape or explore rural areas, the beach or mountain tops.

Transitions® Signature™ adaptive lenses are available in grey or brown. I got the grey lenses. They’re fully clear indoors and at night, and can be worn indoors and outdoors, and all day. When I enter a building, its fast fade back speed helps me cope with the change of lighting. Outdoors, it blocks 100 percent of UVA & UVB rays.

The lenses fit any prescription and frame and are suitable for any age including children.

Last month, I got to use the  Transitions® Signature™ lenses during a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. It was perfect for the indoor conferences since the lenses were really clear. And very handy for the outdoor site visits as the lenses immediately adjusted to the level of sunlight. I also used it during a recent trip to Sarangani staying with indigenous communities. I didn’t need to bring sunglasses.

This is one great investment. You can get  Transitions® Signature™ adaptive lenses from all major optical stores.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Huawei Mate7 has a battery life that keeps travelers moving

One major consideration for frequent travelers when choosing a phone is battery life. It's frustrating running out of battery while on a long bus or train ride between cities. You miss out documenting really interesting things you may see along the way, en route to your destination. Plus looking for a power supply when you arrive is an equally frustrating exercise. We all end up bringing bulky and heavy power banks to keep us going.

But there are smart phones that have batteries that last. I previously had a Huawei Ascend Mate 6 and can swear by its impressive battery life. Can't believe they now have the Huawei Mate7 with a 4100 mAh lithium polymer battery in a sleek 7.9 mm body! The battery definitely matches the impressive processing power of the phone. But still, it lasts longer than other smartphones because of its high-density Li-Polymer battery.

And check out the great photos I took with the Huawei Mate7 in Coron, Palawan!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Transitions® Signature™ adaptive lenses for people on the go

I've had to wear glasses since I was a teen. Unfortunately (or should it be fortunately), my grade is too low for laser surgery. So it looks like I'll be stuck with glasses. I've tried contact lenses but these are just too much of a hassle for me.

Having glasses makes it difficult for me to wear shades since I have to bring both pairs all the time when I travel. And that also requires me to change from one to the other when I move from indoors to outside and vice versa. The downside of that is, I tend to lose the shades! Because I move a lot, I've lost a good number of shades when my regular glasses are on.

Once I lost my shades that were in my backpack during a trip to South America. It must have fallen out while it was in the storage compartment of the bus above my seat. I realized when I was looking for them that they were gone. Another time, I was taking public transport here in the Philippines. I had the shades in my hand since I was wearing glasses. And the next thing I knew, I lost them. Feeling bad for spending on shades only to lose them, I decided to stop buying.

But we need shades especially when the sun hurts our eyes. During my recent trip to the Middle East, the sun was just too much! And it was just irritating moving around without shades.

When indoors, the Transitions® Signature™ adaptive lenses are clear 
When I got back, I decided to try out Transitions® Signature™ adaptive lenses. These lenses change shade or tint depending where you are. If you are indoors, they are clear like regular glasses. But when you are outside and the sun is bright, the lenses darken and serve as shades. Fantastic technology! I really don't know why I didn't get them earlier.

You can get from Transitions® Signature™ adaptive lenses all major optical stores. I’m happy that I got these new glasses since the Transitions® Signature™ adaptive lenses are fantastic.

When outdoors, the Transitions® Signature™ adaptive lenses darken depending on the level of sunlight
I had a grand time using my new set of Transitions® Signature™ adaptive lenses during a trip to Cambodia and Vietnam the week after. It was perfect for the indoor conference I attended and was very helpful when we visited the temples. No need for me to buy shades now!

Saturday, August 09, 2014

ASUS ZenFone 5 for vivid night photos

I just got my ASUS ZenFone 5 the other week. Timing was perfect and it's been really handy during my trip to Australia in winter weather. For one, it has GloveTouch, meaning you can use the phone while wearing gloves!

One of its most important features is the 8 megapixel PixelMaster rear camera which delivers crystal clear daytime photos and vivid night photos. Shots are steady with image stabilization, perfect selfies to document your perfect smile. The Corning Gorilla Glass 3 makes it literally damage and scratch resistant.

The phone is also dual sim, so I can use my Philippine sim in one slot, and the local sim in the other. But the best part of the phone is its Intel Atom Processor Z2560 which makes the phone very responsive. Yes, you can play games without lags. Visit your nearest phone dealer now, you'll be surprised the phone is very affordable too!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

PLDT Home DSL's "Ask Diego" getting good following

PLDT Home DSL recently launched a new TV commercial featuring Diego Ledesma, a bright, handsome and witty young boy. How he stole the heart of many was unprecedented. The PLDT Home DSL commercials always center on family to show how important family values and strong connections are at home.

For this new series, the Ledesma family is featured. Their claim to fame began with seven-year-old Diego, who now has tens of thousands of fans on his advice column on Facebook, “Ask Diego.”

The Ledesmas are the perfect fit for the commercial because they are the ideal example of today’s young, urban family: tight-knit, enjoys doing things together online using multiple gadgets simultaneously to help one another out. That’s where PLDT Home DSL’s limitless and reliable family-sized connection really comes in handy. This kind of strong connection helps keeps the family together, in more ways than one.

Some people initially raised their eyebrows at the thought of a child being on Facebook, but upon learning that values is paramount in the Ledesma household because his parents monitor the page constantly, Diego started getting so many questions on topics ranging on love, studies, and bullying, all the way to vacation and business ideas. Before he sees the questions, Paolo and Lara delete offensive content, and sometimes answer the more difficult questions themselves. Then they help him type out answers, especially when he asks about how to spell words. On occasion, Diego also gets ideas for answers from his Ate Trisha.

Check out "Ask Diego" on

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Exploring Northern Thailand and Laos

For many, it’s quite difficult to travel and get away from work for more than a week. If we do get the chance, we always try to make the most out of it. Last November, I spent three weeks in Thailand and Laos.

From Bangkok we flew to Sukhothai to attend a cultural tourism workshop. The Historic Town of Sukhothai, the capital of the first Kingdom of Siam between the 13th and 15th centuries, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On the first day, we got to tour the ruins of the royal palace and ancient temples in the Sukhothai Historical Park.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

We all live to have a brighter life

Have you ever considered what a brighter life is? In a world where we all have to make choices, giving up one thing for another, how can we achieve a brighter life? For me, getting to live comfortably and happy, experiencing different cultures and new places, is enough to have a brighter life.

The Brighter Life Philippines website was shared to me by my friends at Sun Life Financial. We all have financial issues that we need to overcome, maybe not of the same magnitude, but definitely a burden we all need to let go off. The website was created to inspire and educate Filipinos toward financial security. They obviously vary depending on your own personal circumstances. But there is definitely an invaluable piece of information for every situation that requires financial decisions, from personal to family affairs or career to lifestyle concerns. Check out the Personal Finance section for articles on finance written in layman’s terms. There’s an article there entitled “Pinoy style financial planning” for some money tips for our situation.

For more tips about personal finances, visit

Friday, February 07, 2014

Documenting travel with your mobile phone

Instagram @ivanhenares
Mobile phones have definitely changed the way we chronicle our travels. I was a late-mover when it came to acquiring a smart phone (I regret not getting one earlier) and I only got my Instagram account less than two years ago. My mobile phone and the Instagram account have become my most important tools in documenting my trips the past few months. I can now look back at every memorable place I’ve visited and cultural experience I’ve encountered just by looking at my Instagram photos.

Instagram @ivanhenares
Here are some things I do when taking photos with my phone:

1. Take a lot of shots
Sometimes, it’s difficult to tell on the spot, especially if you’re in a hurry, whether the photo you took was blurred or your subject was not looking at the camera. It’s even more difficult to repeat the moment, which is why it’s always best to take a burst of shots from which you can select your favorite one. You can delete the bad ones anyway later on. Some apps like SnappyCam Pro allow you to capture the perfect moment with a burst of shots. I just click the shutter button really quick.


Monday, January 20, 2014

Travel challenge: How to pack for a long trip with just 20kg

Have you ever wondered how to pack for a really long trip with only 20kg allotted for your check-in luggage? Wherever you’ll be spending several weeks on the road, such as a multi-country trip around Southeast Asia, Europe or South America, you’ll have to pack light and pack smart. Here are some tips to remember:

1. Weigh your empty bag
It’s important to know how heavy your suitcase is even before you place anything in it. Sometimes, the reason travelers have overweight baggage is because the suitcase was too heavy and big to begin with. Keep your suitcase at 5kg or less. That leaves you with 15kg which is still not much for a long trip. Try to find a suitcase made of light materials as well. Read more...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Globe Huawei Ascend Mate is great for travel!

In my recent trips to Nepal, India and Malaysia, the battery life of my Globe Huawei Ascend Mate wowed me! Since I was abroad, daily phone usage was less. I’d take out my phone for photos that I’d post on Instagram or Twitter every now and then. But what impressed me was that I rarely had to charge my phone during those trips.

While using it with WiFi to check my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and my e-mail, I noticed it lasts at least a day longer than my other smart phone. Finally, I found a phone with a long battery life which does not force me to look for a power outlet as often as before! In fact, standby battery life extended up to five or six days, no kidding!

But I realized it shouldn’t be a surprise since Globe Huawei Ascend Mate has a 4050 mAh battery. Plus with a huge 6.1-inch HD display, I could appreciate my photos better. The large display of Huawei’s Android pocket cinema smartphone also made it convenient for me to check social networking sites, watch videos and surf the Internet without having to bring out my laptop computer.

In Kashmir, I also used my phone to capture Srinagar’s stunning sunset and enjoyed using it to document our pony ride through spectacular landscapes on the way to the Himalayan glaciers of Kashmir Valley. In Malaysia, I took great shots of both old and modern architecture.

But it's definitely two thumbs up for Globe Huawei Ascend Mates’ battery life! I’m looking forward to using my Globe Huawei Ascend Mate in future trips!

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Globe presents Huawei's newest smartphones & the Globe Huawei Ascend ambassadors

Cesca Litton, Patti Grandidge, Aly Borromeo and Ivan Henares all share one thing in common. They may not be today’s larger-than-life superstars, but their confidence, wit, and sense of perseverance in everything they do are worth everybody’s attention and second glance.

Like Cesca, Patti, Aly and Ivan, leading device manufacturer Huawei has unveiled its newest top quality smartphones that deserve a second look. Slim and flawless, crystal-clear and long-lasting, the Huawei Ascend P6 and Huawei Ascend Mate are the latest handsets from Huawei packed with exciting features and superb functionality for a differentiated smartphone experience.

The Huawei Ascend P6 is the world’s thinnest smartphone at 6.88mm, and is designed with precision and flawless beauty to perfectly fit one’s hand. Effortlessly turn snapshots into flawless portraits with its amazing 5-megapixel front-facing camera. The Huawei Ascend Mate combines best-in-class features across the board including a giant crystal-clear 6.1" HD screen and an unparalleled 48-hour battery life via its massive 4050mAh battery.

The Huawei Ascend P6 is available at Globe Best-Ever MySuperPlan for as low as P999 monthly at Plan 499 with P500 monthly cashout for a 24-month contract period or at Plan 999 with P200 monthly cashout also for a 24-month contract period. The Huawei Ascend Mate is free at Plan 999 and is also available at Plan 499 with a P200 monthly cashout over a 24-month contract period.

Meet the Globe Huawei Ascend ambassadors 
One of the country’s favorite TV hosts juggling entertainment, lifestyle, and sports news, Cesca Litton is a superwoman who has always considered animals and children her top priority. So when she devoted herself to help in this cause, she went all the way to South Africa to lend a hand. Cesca is not just a pretty face, she’s an enigma on her own. That’s why people really take a second look at her beauty, grace, and allure.

Cesca says, “I’ve always believed in traveling my way: learning the culture and bringing to life my advocacy. I always believe that it’s the small things that count, and the best pasalubong are photos, because what better way to keep a memory of your travel than with a captured moment. The Huawei Ascend P6 is perfect for me since I can take quick pro-snapshots with its 5MP front-facing camera and share on Instagram via my Globe unlimited surfing plan.”

Don’t be fooled by her sweet fa├žade, as host-model Patti Grandidge is one tough cookie. Not only is she a certified fashion maven, she is also an entrepreneur. She specializes in baking, and is known for her sinfully Sweet Patti Cakes. Her passion for the delish is evident on her food blog "Patti's Palette." You have to look twice because this femme fatale is one of Manila’s multi-faceted personas.

“I’ve always been passionate about food and fashion, and it has been my habit to share this passion to everyone. With my fast-paced lifestyle, I need a device that can keep up with me. Thanks to the Ascend P6, I get the thinnest Android phone out there, a device that doesn’t weigh me down. I can also wear this stylish phone with my favorite skinny jeans without a phone embossed on my leg as I strut down the runway and through my meetings. And with my Best-Ever MySuperPlan, I get to stay in touch with my contacts worry-free,” shares Patti.

Aly Borromeo is known to be an aggressive player on the field as captain of the Philippine Azkals. Add that to his intimidating and strong physique, it's hard not to be intimidated by him. However, behind his fierce aura lies a sweet, shy and mellow guy who enjoys staying home and watching movies and sports clips during his free time. With his busy lifestyle, it's very hard for him to enjoy life’s simplest pleasures such as these.

“Because of my hectic schedule, I always miss out on my favorite movies and live sports broadcasts. That’s why I need a device that fills in this gap. With the Huawei Ascend Mate, I get a 6.1” screen, the biggest smartphone display screen today. This device lets me catch my favorite shows and sports clips via video streaming while on the go, thanks to my Globe unlimited surfing plan. The big screen is perfect for a big guy like me,” showcases Aly.

An awardee of The Outstanding Young Men (TOYM) 2012 for Heritage Conservation, Ivan Henares is considered as one of the country’s most influential travel bloggers. He has in fact visited all 80 provinces of the Philippines. On the sideline, Ivan is a writer and lecturer at the UP Asian Institute of Tourism. Traveling is his passion, and he shares this passion to the world through his blog "Ivan About Town."

Ivan explains, “When it comes to gadgets, I put battery life first and foremost, because I need a device that lasts longer while I travel around the country and the world. When you’re traveling, you don’t get the luxury of having a socket beside you all the time to charge your device. Huawei Ascend Mate comes in handy with this need. With the device’s long-lasting battery, I can take pictures and play music while I’m discovering places around the world. I get to upload my travel photos instantly without worrying about my battery, thanks to my Globe consumable surfing plan.”

So the next time you come across Cesca, Patti, Aly or Ivan, make sure you give them the second look they rightfully deserve.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Grab your Resorts World Sentosa promo rates now!

Resorts World Sentosa Singapore
Singapore is host to the nearest Universal Studios to the Philippines. I got to enjoy the theme park during a recent trip to Sentosa. I must say, it's really a great experience, especially for families with kids. But even those young at heart will enjoy the exciting movie-themed rides.

And since it's summer, now is the perfect time to go to Singapore (or go back if you've already been) with your family and friends!

Check this out, if you book between now and August 29, 2013, you can avail of super affordable and must-avail hotel deals and attraction offers using your BDO Credit Card.  

The promo package details are as follows:
  • 3D/2N Sentosa Getaway at Hard Rock Hotel®, Hotel MichaelTM or Festive HotelTM, from SGD608 nett, inclusive of breakfast for two;
  • Two (2) Universal Studios SingaporeTM Adult One-Day Pass; 
  • Two (2) S.E.A. AquariumTM Adult One-Day Pass; and 
  • Two (2) Adventure Cove WaterparkTM Adult One-Day Pass
Rates are SGD608 nett (low) & SGD708 nett (peak) for stay period from May 1 to May 23, 2013 and SGD688 nett (low) & SGD788 nett (peak) for stay period from May 24 to August 31, 2013.

You may also avail of other superb offers for your trip to Singapore using your BDO Credit Card:
  • SGD10 off on one (1) Adult One-Day Pass at Universal Studios SingaporeTM and get additional SGD10 discount retail voucher;  
  • SGD50 Package for one (1) S.E.A. AquariumTM & Adventure Cove Water ParkTM  Adult One-Day Pass. 
Promo period is from March 20 to August 29, 2013.

Promo Mechanics:
1. The promo is open to all active BDO MasterCard, Visa, JCB, UnionPay and American Express Credit Card Cardholders.
2. Promo period is until May 31, 2013 for Universal Studios SingaporeTM Pass and Bundled Tickets to S.E.A. AquariumTM & Adventure Cove WaterparkTM and until August 29, 2013 for the 3D/2N Sentosa Getaway, with hotel stay period of May 1 – August 31, 2013.
3. To avail of the offer, Cardholder must use his/her BDO / American Express Credit Card.
4. Bookings and payment may be done on-site and via promotion link on the Resorts World SentosaTM website with BDO MasterCard, Visa, JCB and UnionPay Credit Cards, while American Express Credit Cards may be used for on-site transactions, by specifying “BDO Promotional Universal Studios Singapore.”
5. Universal Studios SingaporeTM and S.E.A AquariumTM + Adventure Cove WaterparkTM Bundled Tickets are valid for purchase of up to 6 tickets per card per transaction.
6. Offers are not convertible to cash or gift certificates.
7. Offers cannot be exchanged for other items or discounts and cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers, privileges and VIP cards.
8. For hotel room accommodations, advance reservation is required. Blackout dates and specific hotel standard terms and conditions may apply.
9. Rates may be subject to applicable taxes and/or service charges.

What are you waiting for? Visit and book your trip to Singapore now!

Monday, March 04, 2013

Tagaytay: Your own vacation unit at Asilo Tagaytay

Tagaytay is such a charming city, with a majestic view of Taal Volcano from the ridge. On one side of the National Highway, they strictly impose height restrictions so as not to block this beautiful view. On the other side, medium and high-rise living spaces are now rising, providing city residents with an opportunity to enjoy a vacation unit with the famed view.

We were invited by Avida Land, Ayala’s affordable housing arm, to check out their new development in Tagaytay City. Asilo Tagaytay is a mixed-use residential development that offers a second home or vacation unit for buyers who want to enjoy picturesque views overlooking the majestic Taal Lake and Volcano and the cool, refreshing climate that Tagaytay is famous for. It’s perfect for families, couples, and individuals who wish to have a beautiful second home in Tagaytay where they can spend a holiday, a weekend, or take a vacation.

Of course, part of the visit was to experience two popular activities in Tagaytay – food and relaxation. There are so many interesting restaurants in Tagaytay and we had lunch at one of them. For the afternoon, we were pampered at the famous Nurture Spa, definitely among the best in the country.

Before trooping to Tagaytay, we visited their showroom in Alabang Town Center. We were introduced to the development.

Among the features I like about Asilo Tagaytay is that the size and number of the buildings are just enough to let resident fully enjoy the views and the climate—and of course, to maintain as much as possible a natural setting which is very important. I just hate developments that are all concrete. This is evident in the form of the structures and their terracing, where we see how they sort of step back and become unobtrusive parts of the overall landscape.

Corridors are designed to have breezeways and there’s ample space between buildings to allow better cross-ventilation. The roof is pitched so there is a particular character that is appropriate to Tagaytay. Plus, there are more balconies in the upper floors so that residents can fully enjoy their view of Taal and the Batangas mountain range in the horizon.

We all like to have a vacation space in Tagaytay. Asilo Tagaytay could just be your place. For more information, visit the Asilo Tagaytay website. You may also contact Avida thru (+632) 848-5200.
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