Thursday, July 02, 2015

BPI Credit Card is my travel card!

Travel is a very important part of my lifestyle. That must be the understatement of the year! I always have to plan my trip properly to make sure I make the most of my limited budget. An essential part of my travel is my credit card. Actually, I’ve had only one credit card since I got my own card nearly a decade ago, the BPI SkyMiles MasterCard, which is one of the many BPI Credit Cards available.

Like all BPI Credit Cards, it has the lowest foreign exchange conversion rate of only 1.75% among the top surveyed banks under the Credit Card Association of the Philippines (CCAP). Imagine, other banks charge as much as 3.525% for currency conversion. That’s something you have to look into especially if you are a frequent international traveler.

That’s why I prefer to swipe my BPI Credit Card instead of bringing cash for international trips. While cash has its obvious benefits, bringing too much of it also has disadvantages such as bad exchange rates, exchanging too much, or even theft.

My BPI Credit Card was very handy when I rented a car and drove around Europe in 2011. I used it to pay for the car rental, gas, accommodation, meals, souvenirs, and everything I could use the card with. I got a lot of points because of the purchases.

It was the same story for the five-week land trip I made around South America in 2013. You can imagine how many plane, train and bus tickets and hotels I booked using the card all these years, for trips in five continents. That’s because BPI Credit Cards are accepted anywhere in the world! How’s that for a travel companion?

But the biggest travel benefit that all BPI Credit Cards offer is free comprehensive travel insurance when you charge your travel fares to your BPI Credit Card. The BPI Credit Cards are so comprehensive, it covers life, health and other travel inconvenience. BPI Credit Cards give you automatic protection from travel accidents, trip delays, trip cancellations, and other inconveniences. All cards qualified for travel insurance have the following covered at different amounts: from death and permanent disablement, medical reimbursement, lost or delayed baggage, cancelled or delayed flights, personal liability, and even lost passports! It has the widest coverage compared to other credit cards.

No doubt, my BPI Credit Card has been one of my most important travel companions. I’ll never leave home without it.

I received this text a few days ago: Travel NOW on Real 0% Installment w/ your BPI Credit Card! Visit the Travel Madness Expo 4 on July 3-5 at the SMX Halls 1-4, SM MOA Complex to avail of exciting travel deals & huge discounts. Visit for details.

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