Monday, January 21, 2013

Instant relief to food sensitivity from Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief

After all those Christmas parties, tasting all those warm soups, warm drinks like hot chocolate, and cold desserts like frozen salads or ice cream, you should know by now if you have sensitive teeth. Did you every experience any difficulty trying out these dishes? If so, don’t fret because there’s an easy solution. You don’t have to give up your dreams of being a foodie.

So what triggers tooth sensitivity? Tooth sensitivity is something that affects a number of people. It is often caused by eating or drinking something hot, cold, sweet or acidic. Under normal conditions, the underlying dentine of the tooth (the layer that immediately surrounds the nerve) is covered by the enamel in the tooth crown, and the gums that surround the tooth. Over time, the enamel covering can get thinner, thus providing less protection. The gums can also recede over time, exposing the underlying root surface dentine.

Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief™ provides instant relief to tooth sensitivity. Note that most other sensitivity toothpastes contain potassium which primarily numbs the tooth nerve masking the pain of sensitivity. And that potassium toothpastes take at least 2 weeks of use before significant sensitivity relief is delivered. Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief™ on the other hand, effectively plugs and seals open dentine tubules, the cause of tooth sensitivity. This prevents pain pain-producing stimuli, such as heat and cold, from causing pain sensations. Colgate® Sensitive Pro-Relief™ is made of a unique combination of ingredients -- Arginine and the insoluble calcium compound, Calcium Carbonate -– which provides instant relief when directly applied with fingertip to a sensitive tooth and massaged for one minute. It provides lasting relief when you brush your teeth twice daily.

So don't wait another minute. Try it for yourself and feel the difference! Who says we have to abstain from delicious food?

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